Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Footfeathers: San Diego 100 - Race Report

My new Garmin 310XT died at 18 hours (they lie when they say it has a 20 hour battery life), so I didn't really have anything to push me. I crossed the line in 19:01, took a quick, cold shower, and crawled in my sleeping bag for a couple hours.

I wore my La Sportiva C-Lite 2.0s every step of the race.  I changed socks at mile 72.  I used one hand held bottle for miles 1-14, two hand held bottles (one with water, the other with electrolyte) from 14-72, then my 35 ounce Hydrapak vest to the finish.  I wore my Rudy Project photochromatic sunglasses.  I'd also like to thank Udo's Oil for their support and amazing product.  I use it every day and am constantly stunned by how well I recover since I started using it 9 months ago.

Footfeathers: San Diego 100 - Race Report

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