Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SWYL Cluster Meet 1.0 - 10.06.10

SWYL Cluster Meet 1.0 was held today at Independence High School in the rain. Last week was suppose to be the first SWYL meet but it was postponed due to high temperatures and bad air quality. Well today we had neither and it made a big difference in performances. There were a lot of excellent times on the 5k loop at Independence.

Results at HERE.
Meet Photos HERE.
Complete Results (excel)

The meet kicked off with another first in that the frosh/soph and the jv both ran a 5k instead of a 2 mile. I have always been a fan of all levels running the same distance and today the athletes stepped up and proved that they can handle the distance.

Boys cross country

Southwest Yosemite League

At Independence (Wednesday); 5K course

Team: 1. Stockdale 19; 2. Centennial 56; 3. Independence 95; 4. Liberty 95; 5. Frontier 100; Bakersfield N/A.

Individual: 1. Miller, S, 15:35; 2. Haney, S, 15:37; 3. Fisher, S, 16:04; 4. Millan, C, 16:21; 5. Varner, C, 16:22; 6. Kelly, S, 16:23; 7. Mullen, S, 16:32; 8. Facho, I, 16:53; 9. Hicks, L, 16:54; 10. Burke, S, 17:06; 11. Montolongo, C, 17:18; 12. Robles, S, 17:28; 13. Beechinor, F, 17:32; 14. Rodriguez, F, 17:33; 15. Moffitt, L, 17:35. JV -- SHS 17, FHS 70, IHS 75, CHS 91, LHS 141. FS -- BHS 44, CHS 56, SHS 62, FHS 89, IHS 90, LHS 154.

Girls cross country

Southwest Yosemite League

At Independence (Wednesday); 5K course

Team: 1. Stockdale 22; 2. Centennial 67; 3. Bakersfield 82; 4. Independence 106; 5. Frontier 124; 6. Liberty 125.

Individual: 1. Baker, B, 18:55; 2. Blackmon, S, 19:32; 3. Haney, S, 19:56; 4. Nelson, S, 19:58; 5. Lopez, S, 19:57; 6. Schoenborn, C, 19:58; 7. Pruett, C, 19:58; 8. Patel, S, 20:04; 9. Russell, I, 20:12; 10. Sullivan, I, 20:19; 11. Bell, S, 20:25; 12. Diaz, B, 20:34; 13. Lerma, B, 20:35; 14. Ocampo, F, 20:37; 15. Fisher, S, 20:41. JV -- SHS 40, LHS 45, FHS 63, CHS 76, IHS 137, BHS 153; FS -- SHS 43, CHS 45, FHS 63, LHS 75

Frosh/Soph Race Photos HERE.

The first race of the day was the frosh/soph combined race. The girls and boys started together and added an interesting touch to the race. Right from the start Stockdale took the lead and never looked back. Freshman Tyus Thompson took the win in a 17:08 and his teammate Tanner Bogar ran 17:17.

Behind these two Mustangs was a battle between Centennial and BHS for the team title. Centennial was lead by sophomore Josh White who took third in a time of 17:36 and he was followed by the Drillers top runner Evan Bowman who also ran 17:36. In the end BHS won with a score 44 to 56.
  1. Bakersfield 44
  2. Centennial 56
  3. Stockdale 62
  4. Frontier 89
  5. Independence 90
  6. Liberty 154
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph xshow...
1Tyus Thompson17:08STOC9

2Tanner Bogar17:17STOC10

3Josh White17:36CNTE10

4Evan Bowman17:36BAKE10

5Ricardo Romero18:38Inde10

6Marcus Lara18:40BAKE10

7Ricardo Carrillo18:43Inde10

8Dominic Olivo18:45CNTE10

9Mikey Fernandez18:46BAKE10

10Kevin Scrivano18:52BAKE10

11Pete Melendez19:01CNTE10

12Tanner DeWalt19:14CNTE10

13David Coston19:29Inde10

14Brad Utt19:31Fron10

15Scott Van Matre19:32BAKE9

16Aldo Escobar19:35Fron10

17Leonard Williams19:42Fron9

18Tyler Packard19:46STOC10

19Christian Montes20:16Fron10

20Matt Wells20:20STOC9

21Gabe Ablin20:24STOC10

22Lyle Kleinman20:24CNTE10

23Tyler Clark20:25Fron9

24Andrew Bedke20:25Fron9

25Miguel Dela Roca20:26STOC9

26Logan Miller20:26Fron10

27Adam Sosa20:31STOC10

28Patterson Jesse20:32LIBR10

29Busacca Anthony20:38LIBR9

30Brady Connor20:46LIBR10

31Lorence Prieto21:21Inde9

32Goldberg Zachary21:25LIBR10

33Roberto Lopez21:39BAKE10

34John Parviainen22:10Inde10

35Thomas Levi22:15LIBR10

36Ochoa Jose22:21LIBR9

37Mike Vegas22:29CNTE9

38Brandon Cassady22:44BAKE10

39Sedenko Austin22:52LIBR9


41Jose Gonzalez24:43Inde9

42Caleb Kirk25:04Inde10

43Tyler Williams25:52CNTE10

Frosh/Soph Race Photos HERE.

In the girls frosh/soph race a freshman also won. Centennial's Halie Fenske took the win in a time of 21:47 over Liberty's Resendez Aspen (21:51). The next two runners were from Stockdale and Michelle Meyerholtz (22:30) lead her lady Mustangs to a narrow win over Centennial 43 to 45.
  1. Stockdale 43
  2. Centennial 45
  3. Frontier 62
  4. Liberty 76
  5. Independence INC
  6. Bakersfield INC
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph xshow...
1Halie Fenske21:47CNTE9

2Resendez Aspen21:51LIBR10

3Michelle Meyerholtz22:30STOC9

4Janine Khandaker22:46STOC9

5Sarah Voss22:59Fron9

6Ashley Martinez23:04CNTE10

7Amber Cruz23:05Fron10

8Jade Johnson23:06STOC10

9Ciara Senn23:16Fron9

10Tauchen Sarah23:21LIBR10

11Melissa Ballard23:26CNTE10

12Samantha Alaniz23:38STOC10

13Grace Moore24:49CNTE10

14Samantha Talyor24:51CNTE9

15Sarah Baily24:51CNTE9

16Bryn Moore25:14STOC10

17Natalie Goding25:18STOC9

18Rachel White25:18STOC10

19Katie Helms25:46Fron10

20Sherer Ashlyn25:46LIBR9

21Galland Emily25:47LIBR10

22Veronica Morley26:37LIBR9

23Emily Peralta26:58Fron9

24Mioni Brooke27:12LIBR10

25Castine Croxton27:14Inde9

26Morgan Pence27:42CNTE9

27Amanda Bundy28:26BAKE10

28Tori Gee28:39Inde10

29Keri Tesh28:47BAKE10

30Abby Mejia28:48Inde10

Girls JV Race Photos HERE.

The jv boys got lucky and did not have to tun with the girls. Like the frosh/soph boys, Stockdale runners took the early lead. In the end senior Mustang Jen Hawthorne took the win in a time of 21:16. Her team easily won with a score of 24 to Liberty's 45.
  1. Stockdale 24
  2. Liberty 45
  3. Frontier 84
  4. Centennial 76
  5. Independence 131
  6. Bakersfield 143
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity xshow...
1Jennifer Hawthorne21:16STOC12

2Eri Tomita22:27STOC12

3Salazar Miriam22:31LIBR12

4Delilah Diaz22:38Fron11

5Lauren Schultz22:46STOC12

6Celest Valdez23:09STOC12

7Swartsfager Kelsey23:12LIBR11

8Hahn Taylor23:12LIBR11

9Sereya Hermosilla23:18CNTE12

10Erika Renteria23:24STOC12

11Jamie Gonzalez23:33Fron11

12Rodriguez Marissa23:37LIBR11

13Ema Gutcher23:39BAKE11

14Rocio Cruz23:42CNTE12

15Brink Jade23:59LIBR12

16Christy Namkung24:08CNTE11

17Jayne Hobin24:12STOC11

18Hanna Stidham24:13CNTE11

19Ally Shaffer24:24CNTE12

20Ashleigh Simmons24:29STOC10

21Nicole Goding24:31STOC12

22Jessica Hernandez24:34Inde12

23Ariel Driskill24:43Fron11

24Ana Delgadillo24:48STOC11

25Taylor Dunn24:51Fron12

26Kari Oedegaarden24:51STOC12

27Marie Bergner24:53STOC12

28Mandy Chen24:59STOC9

29Brenda Chavez25:15Fron9

30Julienne Shih25:18STOC9

31Carlie Croxton25:25Inde12

32Cassandra Castruita25:26STOC12

33Megan Symm25:26STOC11

34Shelby Woolf25:26Inde11

35Monica Flores25:27Inde11

36Ana Butanda25:34BAKE12

37Cristina Cruz25:38CNTE11

38Emily Leal25:41Fron11

39Maddie Izumi25:52CNTE9

40Marisol Earnest26:16STOC9

41Eva Mayorga26:29STOC11

42Hunter Rice26:32STOC10

43Neva Ellis26:32CNTE11

44Beige Pascua26:58STOC11

45Hidalgo Gabrielle27:02LIBR10

46Daisy Alaniz27:26Inde11

47Howard Allison27:51LIBR10

48Sarah Moore27:55CNTE12

49Teddi Pierce27:57BAKE12

50Breah Barton28:50CNTE9

51Courtney Hoover28:50CNTE12

52Magdalena Torzar29:20BAKE12

53Alyssa Figures29:21BAKE12

54Shelsy Ortiz30:01Fron9

55Daniela Miramontes30:02BAKE11

56Maggie Izumi30:53CNTE10

57Alix Montantes30:59STOC11

58Taylor Gilarducci32:30CNTE9

59Jasmin Alvarez33:29CNTE11

60Kelly Ann Ganir33:53Inde12

61Courtney Turl34:36Fron10

62Sasha Neeld43:49Fron12

Boys JV Race Photos HERE.

In the jv boys race Stockdale dominated with seven in the top nine. They were lead by seniors Anthony Dao (17:33) and Seth Pennel (18:24). Their team score was 17 (15 is a perfect score) and Frontier was a distance second with 70.
  1. Stockdale 17
  2. Frontier 70
  3. Independence 73
  4. Centennial 88
  5. Liberty INC
  6. Bakersfield INC
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity xshow...
1Anthony Dao17:33STOC12

2Seth Pennel18:24STOC12

3Alex Eckley18:29STOC11

4Marco Ornelas18:33Inde11

5Abraham Mayorga18:59STOC12

6Jake Scott19:01STOC12

7Max Morales19:07STOC12

8Anthony Marquez19:12Inde11

9Zachary Lowery19:23STOC11

10John Olivo19:24CNTE11

11Joe Gerlick19:29STOC12

12Shane Thulin19:36Fron11

13Issac Reyes19:40Inde11

14Connor Mojo19:48STOC11

15Brian Cisneros19:54Fron12

16Christopher Bedke19:55Fron11

17Trevor Parra19:59Fron9

18Ray Severns20:02CNTE12

19Jason Perez20:02Fron12

20Joshua St. Clair20:04STOC11

21Andrew Worth20:10STOC11

22Arnall Garrett20:14LIBR9

23Bennett Blake20:18STOC11

24Nick Rodriguez20:23Fron12

25Maulin Shah20:28CNTE11

26Ramon Sanchez20:28Fron12

27Antonio Serrano20:29STOC11

28Billy Ballard20:33CNTE12

29Owen Smith20:34Fron9

30Mitch Carpenter20:36CNTE12

31John Gonzalez20:48Fron12

32Cody Woessner20:53CNTE10

33Troy Duncan20:57Inde11

34Zeno Lee21:10STOC11

35Cory Harris21:11Fron11

36Nathan Holmes21:12STOC11

37Steven Lord21:20Fron9

38Brown Nguyen21:26STOC12

39George Olumba21:27Inde12

40Keven Alfaro21:45CNTE11

41Elmer Ayala21:58STOC10

42Austin Waite22:00STOC9

43Jit Malay22:01STOC12

44Nick Ransom22:03STOC10

45Ben Ablin22:05STOC12

46Brad Pate22:07STOC12

47Kevin Dela Roca22:12STOC12

48Austin Scroggins22:16Fron10

49Bryan Stone22:16Fron11

50Christopher Botts22:17Fron9

51Andrew Cruz22:18Inde12

52Zackary Bell22:19Fron9

53Dalton Sparks22:22STOC10

54Joshua Le22:31STOC12

55Mark Agbalog22:42Fron9

56Jeff Castillo22:56STOC10

57Ben Price22:59BAKE9

58Fernando Singh23:00BAKE11

59Charles Dela Roca23:01STOC11

60Miguel Ochoa23:05STOC10

61Scott Cooper23:20BAKE11

62Jacob Fullerton23:20STOC12

63George Subia23:22Fron11

64Conner Hicks23:28Fron10

65Siebert Christopher23:31LIBR11

66Sam Branson23:32STOC12

67Garrett Urmston23:47Fron9

68Matt Irvine24:01CNTE11

69Bryson Cotton24:12BAKE10

70Mitch Mullen24:13STOC9

71Cortez Kyle24:16LIBR9

72Aaron Hafeli24:18STOC10


74Wyatt Moody24:56Inde11

75Alfredo Santa Maria25:34Inde12

76Gabriel Prieto27:00Inde10


78Mathew Sanchez34:57Fron11

Varsity Girls Race Photos HERE.

By the time the varsity girls race started it had was raining pretty good (for Bakersfield that is). Like the previous races, one athlete took off from the start and was unchallenged. Three time SEYL champ Sarah Baker of Bakersfield High (18:55) showed her new league mates that a fourth title is in her future.

Behind her was a pack of Mustangs that was lead by sophomore Tori Blackmon (19:32) and followed by Haney (19:56), Nelson (19:56) and Lopex (19:57). Not far behind them was their fifth runner Patel (20:04) in 8th place. Two Centennial freshman kept it from being a sweep behind Baker, Schoenborn and Pruett both ran 19:58. This helped Centennial get second in front of BHS.
  1. Stockdale 22
  2. Centennial 67
  3. Bakersfield 82
  4. Independence 106
  5. Frontier 124
  6. Liberty 126
Varsity Girls Team Times:
  1. Stockdale 1:39:25
  2. Centennial 1:43:29
  3. Bakersfield 1:44:18
  4. Independence 1:46:54
  5. Frontier 1:49:00
  6. Liberty 1:49:12
5,000 Meters Varsity xshow...
1Sarah Baker18:55BAKE12

2Tori Blackmon19:32STOC10

3Carolin Haney19:56STOC12

4Amber Nelson19:56STOC12

5Cynthia Lopez19:57STOC12

6Emme Schoenborn19:58CNTE9

7Molly Pruett19:58CNTE9

8Riddhi Patel20:04STOC10

9Shayla Russell20:12Inde11

10Sara Sullivan20:19Inde11

11Ashley Bell20:25STOC11

12Marbella Diaz20:34BAKE9

13Gabby Lerma20:35BAKE12

14Yareli Ocampo20:37Fron9

15Olivia Fisher20:41STOC9

16Megan Brooks20:49CNTE9

17Nielsen Ariel21:16LIBR11

18Elizabeth Sanchez21:20CNTE12

19Emily Viveros21:21Inde12

20Maleeya Hermosilla21:23CNTE11

21Teale Jones21:30Fron11

22Melissa Melgar21:34CNTE12

23Kinder Sarah21:34LIBR10

24gracie Garcia21:36BAKE12

25Amanda Coleman21:36Fron9

26Thoennes Jordan21:41LIBR12

27Christine Gutierrez21:46CNTE9

28Katelynn Webb21:48Inde11

29Robles Lizbeth22:10LIBR12

30Erro Hannah22:31LIBR9

31Shelby Trevino22:35Fron11

32Jasmine Nunez22:38BAKE11

33Tejera Dial22:42Fron12

34Samantha Oliver22:43Fron10

35Jenessa Reyes22:46Fron9

36Holmes Allison22:48LIBR10

37Alexis Bailey22:49LIBR12

38Sarah Scrivano22:50BAKE12

39Alejandra Ponce23:04BAKE12

40Natalie Ambriz23:13Inde12

41Emily Burkhead23:54Inde11

Varsity Boys Race Photos HERE.

The last race of the day was won by junior Mustang Cameroon Miller who ran a controlled 15:35 over the rain soaked course. He was followed by two teammates: freshman Haney in 15:37 and sophomore Fisher in a time of 16:04. Stockdale ended up with five in the top seven and easily took the team title in this first ever SWYL cluster meet. I have been told that the three cluster meets will be 40% of the league title and that the league meet will count for 60% of the title.

In second in the team race, Centennial was lead by juniors Eric Millan (16:21) and Craig Varner (16:22) who took 4th and 5th in the race.
  1. Stockdale 19
  2. Centennial 56
  3. Independence 95
  4. Liberty 95
  5. Frontier 100
  6. Bakersfield INC
Varsity Boys Team Times:
  1. Stockdale 1:20:12
  2. Centennial 1:25:56
  3. Liberty 1:29:31
  4. Independence 1:29:41
  5. Frontier 1:30:54
5,000 Meters Varsity xshow...
1Cameron Miller15:35STOC11

2Blake Haney15:37STOC9

3Connor Fisher16:04STOC10

4Eric Millan16:21CNTE11

5Craig Varner16:22CNTE11

6Curtis Kelly16:23STOC11

7Troy Mullen16:32STOC11

8Dwayne Facho16:53Inde12

9Shawn Hicks16:54LIBR12

10Stephen Burke17:06STOC12

11Jerrod Montolongo17:18CNTE10

12Ivan Robles17:28STOC10

13William Beechinor17:32Fron12

14Mark Rodriguez17:33Fron12

15Tyler Moffitt17:35LIBR11

16Tanner Urmston17:48Fron12

17Hayden Raney17:49CNTE12

18Jawayne Fambrough17:51Inde12

19Brad Hinsley18:02CNTE12

20Terry Vinson18:03Inde12

21Craig Bailey18:07CNTE10

22Shotts Spencer18:11LIBR11

23Espinoza Issiac18:14LIBR9

24Mike Facio18:18Inde11

25Yosuke Washington18:35Inde12

26Crowley Dylan18:36LIBR10

27Daniel Fisher18:36Inde11

28Gabriel Gaeta18:55Fron9

29Dustin Sclafani19:05Fron12

30Jake Schultz19:09CNTE11

31Tony Olivarez19:23Inde11

32Plyler Jacob19:24LIBR11

33Jared Clark19:48Fron11

34Chris Corral19:49Fron12

35Tony Smith19:53BAKE12

36Lisa Booth 22:07LIBR9

37Matt Moorehead22:29BAKE11

38Chris Gonzales23:24BAKE12

39Jordan Fink23:31BAKE12