Tuesday, May 4, 2010

East Sierra League Championships
Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Corcoran HS

The McFarland boys and girls won their 27th league title in 28 years. They were lead by Erik Garcia who won the 800/1600 double and Corina Garcia (photo) who won the 800/1600/3200 triple.

Complete Results HERE.

Varsity - Mens
2.Kings ChristianKICH90
5.Orange CoveOC69

Varsity - Womens
2.Kings ChristianKICH106.66
4.Orange CoveOC93

800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Erik Garcia2:06.00aMCFA9
2Philip Dixon2:10.00aWOLK12
3Matt Rhoads2:11.00aKICH12
4Ricardo Rodriguez2:12.00aMCFA11
5Pedro Sanchez2:13.00aMCFA12
6Jose Lemus2:16.30aFarm12
7Gustavo Morales2:17.10aOC10
8Wilver Juan De Dios2:20.00aSTRA11
9Devante Bryant2:21.00aWOLK11
10Cibrian Cristian2:31.00aCRNC11
11Eric Lowe2:38.00aWOLK12
12Garcia Angel2:41.00aCRNC11
13Francisco Escamilla2:50.00aFarm11

1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Erik Garcia4:39.00aMCFA9
2Marco Camargo4:42.00aMCFA12
3Marco Perez4:43.00aMCFA11
3Francisco Nava4:43.00aMCFA11
4Matt Rhoads4:56.00aKICH12
5Devante Bryant4:58.80aWOLK11
6Philip Dixon4:59.60aWOLK12
7Rolando Jimenez5:01.33aFarm11
8Curiel Edgar5:32.70aCRNC12
9Eric Lowe5:42.40aWOLK12
10Rodriguez Daniel5:45.00aCRNC10
11Ryan Bridgeford5:57.00aKICH9
12Garcia Angel5:59.65aCRNC11
13Ryan Miller6:05.77aKICH9
14Francisco Escamilla6:22.80aFarm11

3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Marco Perez10:24.00aMCFA11
2Jose Monrreal10:26.00aMCFA10
3Bryan Calvo11:12.00aMCFA12
4Cibrian Cristian13:35.00aCRNC11
5Ryan Miller13:50.00aKICH9
6Torres Juan15:02.00aCRNC11

800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Corina Garcia2:38.00aMCFA11
2Alyssa Medina2:45.00aMCFA12
3Jenny Munguia2:49.00aMCFA9
4Neda Roman2:51.00aOC10
5Adriana Tijerina2:51.60aFarm11
6Sandra Lua2:53.30aOC9
7Ruiz Norma2:54.00aCRNC9
8Viviana Acevedo2:58.00aOC11
9Nunez Daniela3:03.00aCRNC10
10Torres Avelina3:09.00aCRNC11
11Kristi Wilde3:10.00aKICH10
12Mariene Morra3:12.00aFarm11

1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Corina Garcia5:51.00aMCFA11
2Britany Perez5:58.00aMCFA9
3Adriana Tijerina6:04.00aFarm11
4Savannah Heskett6:11.00aKICH10
5Sandra Lua6:15.00aOC9
6Jenny Munguia6:22.00aMCFA9
7Viviana Acevedo6:24.00aOC11
8Parra Jessica6:29.00aCRNC10
9Neda Roman6:32.00aOC10
10Ruiz Norma6:33.00aCRNC9
11Shelia Delgado7:08.00aMCFA10
12Daniellen Leon7:15.00aFarm9

3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Corina Garcia13:15.00aMCFA11
2Britany Perez13:22.00aMCFA9
3Savannah Heskett14:10.00aKICH10
4Jenny Munguia14:38.00aMCFA9
5Parra Jessica15:03.00aCRNC10
6Mirka Alvarez15:04.00aOC9
7Nunez Daniela15:17.00aCRNC10

50 Miles

I finally cleared this off of my bucket list. For quite awhile, I have wanted to complete a 50 miler and on my 47th birthday I accomplished my goal. Not really sure why it has been a goal but since I turned 40, I have scoured the internet looking for a 50 miler that I might be able to do.

Unfortunately, most I found had time limits that as a walker, I could not meet. Because of a bad left knee, I have to limit the amount of running I do for fear that I will mess it so I can not walk pain free like I do now.

Most had between 13 to 14 hour time limits which are reasonable but very hard to do if you are mainly walking. Walking 15 to 17 minute miles for 50 miles sounds doable but most 50 milers are not on flat courses and maintaining that pace for half a day is pretty hard especially with some breaks etc.

So I did not want to pay for a race and travel to it, just to be pulled of the course. Then I decided to do a solo 50 miler from Bakersfield to Tehachapi in the tradition of the Comrades Marathon and the JFK 50 Miler. I even set a date for it: May 8th.

But as I looked in to doing it, I was concerned about the route (Private property and/or freeways that I would not be able to access.) plus the date was pushing the weather situation. I am not a fan of the heat and May 8th can be when the weather really heats up (May 3rd it hit 88). Also doing it by myself was not very appealing either.

Then on a long walk one morning it hit me, do the 24 Hour Relay For Life. When planning my own fifty miler, I was thinking of fund-raising for the Kern River Parkway Foundation (They plant trees on the bike path among other things). So that morning I decided to do my 50 miler at the Relay for Life.

too be continued ...