Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Track & Field Returners (Girls)

Girls Central Section Top 10
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Returners T&F 2010

key: +jr class; ++soph class; +++frosh class; AT=all time record
SR= school record

2-26-'10 buchanan distance classic & bob mathias invit
2-27-'10 clovis sprint classic
3-6 EB relays-bkd; Redcat relays-Fowler; Sanger Spring classic;
3-12 1st chance@sunnyside; geo olson@coaliga; kern relays@liberty
Kings county championship
3-13 Clovis East T&F carnival; Mt Whitney Invit; Taft relays(sm schools)
3-19 Buchanan auto time; NYL/CMAC relays; F/S @ liberty
3-20 Golden West relays: Rafer Johnson Invit@kingsburg
3-26 Exeter monarch invit; Clo West F/S invit;
3-27 Clo East T&F classic; Mustang Relays @TW.

Grand Masters(5-22) & State Meet(6-4/5) again at Buchanan

100 meter dash:(13.1-13.34a)
open: 11.69a tiffaney bennett,cent-bkd '00
meet: 11.69a tiffaney bennett,cent-bkd '00
'09 1-j.prandini,clo 11.84a(2.0); 2-b.wandick,bkd 12.09a (2.0);
3-m.riddlesprigger,bul 12.18a(2.0);4-j.williams,bul 12.26a(2.0);
5-j.sears,ed 12.40a(2.0); 6-k.mcdaniel,sel 12.47a(2.0)

'09 top marks: With the graduation of BHS's Wandick (now at CSUB), there will be a new fastest girl in town.

1- 11.81a(1.0)++jenna prandini,clovis 5-7 trac #3at SR
#1at soph; st m #10 11.91a(1.5)
3- 12.08a(2.0)+mariah riddlesprigger,bullard-fr 6-5 st meet trials
#18at;(=#9at jr) st m #14 12.08a(2.0)
5- 12.40a(2.0)++ja'nia sears,edison-fr 5-23 GMasters
6- 12.47a(2.0))seq +keenya mcdaniels,selma 5-23 GMasters
7- 12.50a(2.0)++reshana watson,stockdale-bk 5-23 GMasters
12.3 (wok)++dominique whittington,lemoore 3-6 kings
8- 12.57a(1.5)+++niah simmons,buchanan-clo 5-23 GMasters
9- 12.59a(2.0)+unique oduna,hoover-fr 5-23 GMasters
12.66a(1.0)+michaela griffins,clovis 5-7 trac
12.69a(1.0)++dominique wright,buchanan-clo 5-7 trac
12.69a(0.3)seq +malissa leyva,exeter 5-7 seq-sie SR
13- 12.69a(1.5)+tanea turner,lemoore 5-23 GMasters
12.70a(1.5)+taylor jackson,frontier-bk 5-7 swyl
14- 12.71a(1.5)+++kuinci ross,tulare u 5-23 GMasters
17- 12.79a(wok)sie +++victoria james,kings christian-lem 3-27 exe
12.80a(w ok)seq ++marki middleton,mission oak-tul 3-27 exeter
12.83a(1.7)+raynisha hall,sunnyside-fr 4-24 SMC
12.6 (w )seq +++alesia francis,clo north 4-24 4w@cn SR
12.90a(1.7)+ashley craddock,clo west 4-24 SMC
12.93a(1.0)++haley tallon,tulare u 3-14 MW pioneer

200 meter dash:(28.1-28.34a)
open: 23.94a magen delpino,clo west '08
meet: 23.94a magen delpino,clo west '08
'09 1-j.prandini,clo 24.56a(1.3); 2-b.wandick,bkd 25.00a(1.3)
3-j.williams,bul 25.11a(1.3); 4-l.aldredge,cen 25.13a(1.3)
5-d.whitington,lem 25.19a(1.3)6-m.riddlesprigger,bul 25.46a(1.3)

top marks '09
1- 24.48a(0.9)++jenna prandini,clovis 4-21 4w@ce #9at SR
#5at soph;
5- 25.19a(0.0)++dominique whittington,lemoore 5-13 cen area
25.35a(0.2)seq +melissa leyva,exeter 5-13 seq-sie SR
6- 25.46a(1.3)+mariah riddlesprigger,bullard-fr 5-23 GMasters
25.62a(0.0)++lynn williams,bullard-fr 5-1 reedley invit
25.70a(0.5)+++niah simmons,buchanan-clo 4-30 county f/s
25.84a(0.5)seq +++alisia francis,clo north 4-30 county f/s SR
8- 25.99a(nwi)++reshana watson,stockdale-bk 5-13 seq-sie
26.04a(0.2)seq +++sharessa archie,clo north 5-13 seq-sie
25.8 (wok)ss +keenya mcdaniels,selma 4-22 2w@ex
26.0 (1.0 )+ashley craddock,clo west 3-23 3w @cw
26.26a(w ok)++haley tallon,tulare u 3-27 exeter
26.27a(-1.5)+michaela griffin,clovis 4-4 WCR
10- 26.29a(0.0)+++kuinci ross,tulare u 5-23 GMasters
26.34a(-0.1)+kayleigh hendrix,tulare western 3-7 @ssc
12- 26.43a(0.2)seq +++nia gabourel,clo north 5-13 seq-sie
26.57a(0.5)++dominique wright,buchanan-clo 4-30 county f/s
13- 26.95(1.7)sie+++victoria james,kings christian-lem 5-23 GMasters
26.8 seq +bailey tarver,arvin
26.9 seq ++katie fry,exeter

400 meter dash:(64.5-64.64)
open: 53.89a janice nichols,bksfd '01
meet: 54.57a janice nichols,bksfd '89
'09 1-l.aldredge,cen 55.79a; 2-d.whittington,lem 56.32a;
3-d.wyrick,sunnyside-fr 56.59a 4-b.thompson,ed 57.08a;
5-e.wilcox,lib-bk 57.17a 6-a.francis,clo north 59.14a

top marks '09 - Liberty's Wilcox is the fastest one lapper around and if she is healthy look for some fast times from her.

2-56.32a++dominique whittington,lemoore 5-23 GMasters #6at SR
#4at soph; st m #20 57.29a
6-58.14a seq+++alesia francis,clo north 5-13 seq-sie SR
58.42a ++jenna prandini,clovis 3-28 CE classic
58.5 seq++katie fry,exeter 3-21 GdW invit
59.46a seq +melissa leyva,exeter 3-27 exe monarch SR
8-59.66a seq++ramandeep dhillon,fowler 5-23 GMasters SR
59.70a ++lynn williams,bullard-fr 4-4 WCR
13-59.86a ++janise anderson,edison-fr 5-7 cmac
59.97a seq +keenya mcdaniel,selma 4-17 yos mt invit
60.0 +alisha brown,madera south 5-7 nyl SR
60.27a ++tijera lynch,ridgeview-bk 3-27 liberty f/s
12-60.63a +stephanie sonnerburg,buchanan-cl 5-23 GMasters
60.74a seq +megan thompson,taft 5-7 s seq l
60.82a ++keairra white,bakersfield 5-7 seyl
61.56a ++haley tallon,tulare u 5-6 eyl
61.62a seq++danielle tildahl,tehachapi 3-27 libery f/s
61.64a seq+melissa merrill,bkd christian

800 meter run(2:38.1)
open: 2:05.43a linda goen,no-bkd '77
meet: 2:09.64a jordan hasay,mission prep-slo '09
'09- 1-j.hasay,mission prep 2:09.64a; 2-k.fry,exe 2:13.51a;
3-a.brown,mad so 2:15.13a; 4-m.pahkamaa,el d 2:18.27a;
5-v.carrasco,tul U 2:20.36a; 6-s.baker,bkd 2:21.35a.

top marks '09 - BHS's Baker was the fastest Bakersfield girl last year and looks to improve her times in all the distance events. But the 800 is pretty deep up North and making it to state in this event is very difficult with the heats and such.

2- 2:12.56a seq ++katie fry,exeter 5-13 seq-sie #9at SR
= #5at soph; st m #5 2:13.38a final #9 2:13.82
3- 2:14.45a +alisha brown,madera south 6-5 st meet trials #14at SR
st m #12 2:14.45a
2:16.40a +saylah barserian,clovis 4-17 lemoore
2:16.46a ++macy bricks,buchanan-clo 4-17 lemoore #10at soph
4- 2:18.27a +molly pahkamaa,el diamante-vis 5-23 GMasters
st m #21 2:18.84a
17- 2:19.20a seq +megan thompson,taft 5-13 seq-sie
10- 2:20.18a ++jennifer nakamura,clo north 5-13 seq-sie SR
15- 2:20.27a sie++annie mooney,mission prep 5-13 seq-sie
5- 2:20.36a ++vanessa carrasco,tulare u 5-23 GMasters
7- 2:20.75a +jessica armstrong,buchanan-cl 4-17 lemoore
6- 2:21.06a ++sarah baker,bakersfield 5-1 reedley
9- 2:21.98a ++alyssa mejia,clovis 5-13 no area
2:23.00a sie+++lizet perezchica,mcfarland 5-6 sie div
11- 2:23.73a seq++danielle tildahl,tehachapi 5-13 seq-sie-6
2:24.07a seq++kacie van hofwegen,CVC-vis 5-13 seq-sie-7
14- 2:24.88a ++katie taylor,mt whitney-vis 5-13 cen area
2:25.45a ++tijerra lynch,ridgeview-bk 4-17 mt sac
2:26.06a +chelsea janzen,buchanan-clo 3-14 CE carn
2:27.27a seq +deanna ribeiro,chowchilla 4-4 WCR

1600 meter run:(6:00.1)
open: 4:39.13a jordan hasay,mp-slo '07
meet: 4:57.12ayc linda goen,north-bk '79
4:57.70am macy bricks,buchanan-clo '09
'09 1-m.bricks,buc 4:57.70a; 2-s.barsarian,clo 4:59.39a
2-c.allen,cl west 5:00.83a; 4-c.janzen,buc 5:01.60a
5-a.mooney,miss prep 5:05.21a; 6-l.etherton,bul 5:10.27a.

'09 top marks - Baker is the fastest in this event as well but once again the Clovis schools dominate this event. The Driller school record (5:10ish) could be in peril this year if she gets in the right race.

1- 4:56.84a ++macy bricks,buchanan-clo 6-5 st meet trials #4at SR
#3at soph st m #11 4:56.84a final #10 4:57.84a
2- 4:58.51ayc +saylah barserian,clovis 4-11 arcadia #8at SR
#4at jr; st m #19 5:01.51a
4- 5:01.60a +chelsea janzen,buchanan-clo 5-23 GMasters #20at
5- 5:05.21a sie ++annie mooney,mission prep 5-23 GMasters
6- 5:10.27a ++lindsay etherton,bullard-fr 5-23 GMasters
5:13.34a +corina mendoza,madera 5-1 reedley
5:16.21a +meghan marvin,clovis 3-28 azusa m of c
5:19.20a seq ++katie fry,exeter 4-17 lemoore
5:19.43a ++sarah baker,bakersfield 4-24 patriot
5:20.46a +alisha brown,madera south 4-4 WCR SR
5:21.67a seq +++arianna gibeaut,sierra toll 4-4 WCR
5:22.43a seq ++elizabeth palmer,sierra toll 4-4 WCR
5:24.29a seq +megan thompson,taft 5-7 SseqL
5:24.92a ++tijerra lynch,ridgeview-bk 5-13 so area
9- 5:25.61a +monica guzman,garces-bk 4-4 WCR
5:26.17a seq ++sarah aghazeynali,clo north 5-7 cmac
5:26.51a ++alyssa mejia,clovis 4-17 lemoore
5:26.73a +++lauren sherwood,clo west 3-14 CE carn
5:27.00a ++dana schmalzel,buchanan-clo 3-7 ssc
10- 5:29.58a seq +++colleen warmerdam,yosemite-oakh 5-1 reedley
5:29.5 seq +shelby sutton,exeter 3-19 buc auto

3200 meter run:(13:50.1)
open: 9:52.13a jordan hasay,mp-slo '08
Meet: 10:20.69a jordan hasay,mission prep '06
'09- 1-j hasay,MP 10:30.04a; 2-m.bricks,buc 10:53.27a;
3-c.janzen,buc 10:53.97a; 4-m.marvin 11:00.02a;
5-l.etherton,bul 11:04.14a 6-s.barserian,clo 11:04.17a.

top marks '09 - Guzman of Garces had the best time last year in the one distance event where a Bakersfield girl has a good shot at making it to state in. Baker or Lynch (Ridgeview) along with others could get a top three finish at valley in this event if they concentrated on the event.

2- 10:47.59a ++macy bricks,buchanan-clo 6-6 st meet final #7at
#7at soph st meet finals #16 10:47.59a
3- 10:53.97a +chelsea janzen,buchanan-clo 5-23 GMasters #14at
#7at jr st meet finals #20 10:54.44a
6- 10:56.15a +saylah barsarian,clovis 4-4 WCR #18at #9at jr
4- 10:56.19a +meghan marvin,clovis 3-28 azua mofc #10at jr
5- 11:04.14a ++lyndsie etherton,bullard-fr 5-23 GMasters
11:17.38a seq ++katie fry,exeter 5-1 reedley
10-11:22.57a +corina mendoza,madera 5-1 reedley
8- 11:23.03a seq ++sarah aghazeynah,clo north 5-23 GMasters
15-11:49.09a +monica guzman,garces-bk 4-4 WCR
11:55.44a ++sarah baker,bakersfield 5-7 seyl
12:00.11a seq +shelby sutton,exeter 4-24 DK tulare champ
12:07.26a +++lindsay gray,clovis 4-24 SMC
12- 12:07.49a +++celina vargas,tulare u 5-13 cen area
12:10.08a seq +++collen warmerdam,yosemite-oak 5-1 reedley
11- 12:10.79a ++tijerra lynch,ridgeview-bk 5-23 GMasters

100 meter HH:(17.9-18.14a)
open: 14.06a osarhiemen omwanghe,buc-clo '01
Meet: 14.06a osarhiemen omwanghe,buchanan-clo '01
'09-1 al monteverde,CW 14.91a(0.7); 2-j.melton,CW 15.26a(0.7)
3-a.draper,gd w 15.60a(1.1) 4-v.gines,san 15.65a(0.7)
5-s.mcdonald,bkd 15.72a(0.7) 6-k.ellis,front-bk 15.82a(1.1)

top marks '09
9- 14.52a(1.5)+taylor jackson,frontier-bkd 4-11 arcadia #6at SR
#2at jr;
1- 14.91a(0.7)++alyssa monteverde,clo west 5-23 GMasters
#4at soph (has won the GM 2 yrs in a row)
st m #22 15.21a(1.8)
3- 15.60a(1.1)+ayla draper,golden west-vis 5-23 GMasters
st m #25 15.94a(0.2)
12- 15.66a(0.4)+katrina crawford,el diamante-vis 5-8 wyl
13- 15.81a(1.8)++jamara scott,golden valley-vis 5-7 seyl
6- 15.82a(1.1)+++kassidy ellis,frontier-bk 5-23 GMasters
11- 15.91a(1.2)++anginae monteverde,clo west 4-18 mt sac
16.36a(wok)seq +keenya mcdaniels,selma 4-17 yos mt invit
16- 16.37a(-0.5)seq +melissa merrill,bkd christian 5-13 seq-sie
14- 16.52a(-0.5)seq +++caressa archie,clo north 5-13 seq-sie
16.5 (w ?)+kirby ellis,frontier-bk 4-17 mcfarland
16.6 (-0.0)+ashley billings,lemoore 3-13 1st c
16.90a(w )++vanessa walton,central 3-14 CE carn
16.93a(w )+ashley tallon,tulare u 3-14 MW pioneer
17.02a(-0.5)seq ++ashley bennett,yosemite-oakh 5-13 seq-sie-7
17.03a(1.4) seq +cici pandol,bkd christian 5-13 seq-sie-8

300 meter LH (52.5-52.74a)
open: 42.39a tiffany brown,stock-bkd '01
Meet: 42.73a tiffany brown,stockdale-bkd '01
'09- 1-t.jackson,front-bk 44.35a; 2-k.mcdaniel,selma 44.85a
3-al monteverde,CW 45.24a; 4-s.mcdonald,bkd 45.88a
5-a.guajardo,buc 46.37a; 6-v.gines,san 46.42a

top marks '09
1- 43.64a +taylor jackson,frontier-bkd 6-6 st meet final #6at SR
#3at jr; st m #8 43.95a final #8 43.64a
2- 44.85a seq +keenya mcdaniels,selma 5-23 GMasters #19at SR
#10at jr; st m #21 46.36a
3- 45.24a ++alyssa monteverde,clo west 5-23 GMasters #7at soph
st m DNR
11- 46.23a +michaela griffin,clovis 4-24 SMC
10- 46.28a seq +melissa merrill,bkd christian 5-13 seq-sie
8- 46.58a +jayla laidley,clo west 5-13 no area
46.87a seq +++danielle nederend,cen val christian 4-17 lemoore SR
47.39a ++ashley tellon,tulare u 3-27 exeter
16- 48.35a +ayla draper,golden west-vis 5-13 cen area
14- 48.50a seq +katie swope,taft 5-23 GMasters
15- 48.59a ++danielle lickey,el diamante-vis 5-23 GMasters
17- 49.54a +++kassidy ellis,frontier-bk 5-13 so area
49.60a seq +++caressa archie,clo north 4-30 county f/s
49.84a +katrina crawford,el diamante-vis 5-8 wyl

4x100 meter relay:(54.0-54.14a)
open: 46.49a bakersfield '92
Meet: 47.13a stockdale-bkd '02
Meet: 47.13a bullard-fr '09
'09- 1- bullard-fr 47.13a; 2-bakersfield 47.93a;
3- edison-fr 48.02a; 4-lemoore 48.84a;
5- tulare western 49.46a; 6-clovis north 49.65a

top marks '09
1- 46.54a bullard-fresno 6-6 st meeet final #2at SR
st m #7 46.88a FINAL # 5 46.54a
3- 47.46a edison-fresno 5-7 cmac #9at @st m #11 47.51a
2- 47.93a bakersfield 5-23 GMasters #22at @st m #15 47.89a
4- 48.84a lemoore 5-23 GMasters
5- 49.46a tulare western 5-23 GMasters
6- 49.47a seq clovis north 5-13 seq-die SR
7- 49.69a golden valley-bk 5-23 GMasters
49.70a central 4-4 WCR
8- 49.84a el diamante-vis 5-23 GMasters
9- 50.03a buchanan-clovis 5-23 GMasters
10- 50.34a sunnyside-fresno 5-23 GMasters
11- 50.50a liberty-bkd 5-23 GMasters
13- 50.58a clovis west 4-4 3w 3-31
12- 50.93a reedley 5-23 GMasters

4x400 meter relay:(4:34.1)
open: 3:49.43a stockdale -bkd '02
Meet: 3:50.76a Edison-fresno '09
'09 1- edison-fr 3:50.76a 2-clo north 3:58.09a;
3- bakersfield 3:58.14a 4-el diamante-vis 3:59.14a;
5- liberty-bk 4:02.03a 6-tulare western 4:04.43a;

top marks '09
1- 3:48.08a edison-fr 6-6 st meet final #1at SR
(j anderson,thompson,horton,s anderson)
st m 3:50.79a FINAL #3 4:48.08a
(one of the top surprises on the all time list)
2- 3:58.09a seq clovis north 5-23 GMasters (#1at seq) SR
st m #24 4:00.75a (all underclass frosh-soph)
3- 3:58.14a bakersfield 5-23 GMasters @st m #24 4:07.63a
4- 3:59.14a el diamante-vis 5-23 GMasters SR
13- 4:00.14a clovis 4-24 SMC
5- 4:02.03a liberty-bk 5-23 GMasters
4:03.08a central 4-4 WCR
6- 4:04.43a tulare western 5-23 GMasters
7- 4:04.51a golden valley-bk 5-23 GMasters
8- 4:04.71a tulare u 5-23 GMasters
9- 4:05.26a buchanan-clovis 5-23 GMasters
10- 4:08.14a frontier-bk 5-23 GMasters
11- 4:08.26a seq exeter 5-13 seq-sie (#7at seq) SR
15- 4:08.32a clovis west 5-13 no area
12- 4:09.81a clovis east 5-23 GMasters

high jump:(4'08)
open: 6'2.75 latrice johnson,clovis '85
Meet: 6'1 latrice johnson,clovis '85
'09- 1- h.franks,sierra 5'4; 2- al monteverde,CW 5'4;
3- c.mahr, buc 5'2 4- j.horton,ed 5'2;
5- b.hansen,clovis 5'2 6- ki ellis,front-bk 5'0.

top marks '09
2- 5'6 ++alyssa monteverde,clo west 4-18 mt sac
st m #17 5'3
9- 5'4 +mariah riddlesprigger,bullard-fr 3-28 CV classic
5'2 ++alex collatz,stockdale-bk 3-31 2w@so bk
6- 5'2 +kirby ellis,frontier-bk 4-4 WCR
5'2 +++morgan dose,central 4-4 WCR
12- 5'2 ++taylor guthrie,redwood-vis 4-18 mt sac
5'2 seq +++sarah hill,bkd christian 4-17 mcfarland invit
5'2 +++niah simmons,buchanan-clo 5-7 trac
7- 5'1 seq +celestine jones,avenal 4-24 SMC
7- 5'0 +ayla draper,golden west-vis 3-14 MW pioneer
5'0 ++katie ogdon,clo west 3-19 buc auto

pole vault:(7'06)
open: 13'8.5 kira costa,sjm-fre '03
Meet: 13'3 kira costa,sjm-fre '03
'09 1-h.waseloff,buc 12'7; 2-a.klinchuch,lib-bk 11'9;
3-j.dutton,clo east 11'3; 4t-k.bell,clovis 10'3;
4t-e.falkenstein,buc 10'3; 6-j.peterson,gd.west 9'9.

top marks '09
1- 12'7 +holly waseloff,buchanan-clo 5-23 GMasters #3at SR
#1at jr; st m #6 11'8 FINAL # 3 11'10
3- 11'6 +jenny dutton,clo east 3-28 CV classic #17at SR
= #7at jr(with 4 others) st m NH
4- 11'0 +emily falkenstein,buchanan-clo 5-13 no area
4- 10'9 +karissa bell,clovis 4-24 SMC
6- 10'3 +jane peterson,golden west-vis 5-8 wyl
9- 10'0 ++anginae monteverde,clo west 5-13 no area
7- 9'9 ++andrea mersino,clo east 5-23 GMasters
9- 9'6 +++gabbie giuliano,stockdale-bk 3-21 Gdw invit
9'6 ++nicole falkenstein,bullard-fr 5-13 no area
9- 8'9 seq ++kimiya farrahi,clo north 5-23 GMasters SR
9- 8'9 ++jayne hobin,stockdale-bk 5-23 GMasters
9- 8'9 seq +bryanna bacot,taft 5-23 GMasters

long jump: (15'0)
open: 20'7 doralee roberts,riverdale '71
Meet: 19'4.25 yvette roberts,washington u-easton '85
'09- 1-j prandini,clo 18'7(0.6); 2-v.gines,san 18'5(0.8);
3-s.epps,gd valley-bk 18'5w(2.2)4-l.williams,bul 18'2.5(1.9)
5-c.jones,avenal 17'11(1.5) 6-j.sears,ed 17'10(1.2)

top marks '09
1- 19'1.75(1.4)++jenna prandini,clovis 4-11 arcadia
#3at soph st m #31 13'1.75(0.1)
4- 18'5.75(1.9)++lynn williams,bullard-fr 5-13 no area
6- 18'3.5(wok)++je'nia sears,edison fr 4-15 4w
5- 17'11(0.0)+celestine jones,avenal 5-23 GMasters SR
11- 17'8(wok)++jamara scott,golden valley-bk 5-7 seyl
17'5.5(w?)++alex collatz,stockdale-bk 4-15 2w@no
8- 17'3(wok)+katie olivero,memorial-fr 5-1 reedley
17'0.5(w??)seq +++danielle nederend,CVC-vis 3-7 fowler
16'8.5(wok)+mariah riddlesprigger,bullard-fr 3-14 CE carn
16'4.25(nwi)++katie ogden,clo west 4-10 arcadia
16'4(w? )seq +++sharessa archie,clo north 3-31 5w@cn
16'3.75(w ?)seq +++alesia francis,clo north 4-18 phillips-mccain
16'1 (nwi)++anginae monteverde,clo west 5-7 trac

Triple Jump: (32'0)
open: 40'11.75 kayla montgomery,clo west '92
meet: 39'7.5 moira robinson,mt whitney-vis '07
'09- 1-j.prandini,clo 38'10(1.1); 2-s.archie,clo north 37'1w(2.2)
3-c.mahr,buc 36'8.5(0.7) 4-a.collatz,stoc-bk 36'6(1.3)
5-d.ljuba,lib rch 36'5.24(1.5) 6-k.olivero,sjm 36'3.5(2.0)

top marks '09
1- 39'9(1.1)++jenna prandini,clovis 6-6 st meet final #4at SR
#1at soph; st m #6 39'7.25(1.1) FINAL #6 39'9(1.1)
4- 37'11.5(w ?)++alex collatz,stockale-bk 4-15 2w@no(36'6.75@GWinvit)
2- 37'2.5(0.0)seq +++saressa archie,clo north 6-5 st meet trials SR
#3at fr; st m #15 37'2.5(0.6)
6- 36'3.5(0.0)+katy olivero,memorial-fr 3-38 CV classic
7- 36'1.5(1.9)+++yajaira castro,tulare u 5-23 GMasters
ss-2 35'9.5(0.0)seq +keenya mcdaniels,selma 5-13 seq-sie
9- 35'8(nwi)++jamara scott,gd valley-bkd 5-13 so area
34'2(w head)++alex hooks,fresno 3-20 cmac nyl
ss-6 33'9(w ?)seq +++sarah hill,bkd christian 4-24 patriot
33'6(w ?)+++taryn harvey,mt whitney-vis 4-3 mike young
14- 33'5.75(wok)+++laura gutierrez,tulare u 3-21 GdW invit

shot put (31'6)
open: 54'4.75 anna jelmini,shafter '09
meet: 51'9.5 anna jelmini,shafter '09
'09 1-a jelmini,shaf 51'9.5; 2-l.rasley,shaf 43'2;
2-a.collatz,stoc 40'4.25; 4-j.cunha,tul u 39'7;
5-a.torres,bkd 37'9.5; 6-a.ceppaglia,cen 37'8.5

top marks '09
2- 44'0.5 seq ++lacie rasley,shafter 5-7 SseqL #17at
(#5at soph) st m #10 40'4.25
3- 42'6 ++alex collatz,stockdale-bk 5-5 swyl prelims SR
(8at soph) st m #6 42'4.5 FINAL #6 42'6
7- 40'1.5 ++nonnie okwelogu,clo west 4-24 SMC
16- 40'1.5 +janae coffee,clo west 4-24 SMC
6- 37'10 ++angelina ceppaglia,central 4-30 county f/s
8- 37'9.5 sie +stephanie darosa,mission prep 5-13 seq-sie
19- 36'11 ++jessica flores,clo west 5-13 no area
9- 36'9.5 +alyssa bane,buchanan-cl 5-1 reedley
17- 35'11.5 ++heather vermillion,redwood-vis 4-4 WCR
11- 35'9 +brittni ellis,golden west 3-21 GdW invit
35'5'5 +++jj farley,buchanan-clo 3-28 CV classic
12- 35'3 +courtney smith,buchanan-clo 5-13 no area
35'1 ++ruth juarez,foothill-bk 3-11 2w
13- 35'0.75 ++jackie ramos,golden valley-bk 5-7 seyl
10- 35'0 ++tiana arredondo,buchanan-clo 5-13 no area

discus: (95'0)
open: 190'3 anna jelmini,shafter '09 (nat rec)
meet: 182'8 anna jelmini,shafter '09
'09 1-a.jelmini,shaf 182'8; 2-a.collatz,stoc 157'10;
3-n.okwelogu,CW 136'10; 4-l.rasley,shaf 130'2;
5-s.demus,teh 118'1;,CW 116'4.

top marks '09
2- 177'0 ++alex collatz,stockdale-bk 6-5 st meet trials #3at SR
#1at soph -usa) st m #1 177'0; FINAL #2 163'1
3- 137'3 ++nonny okwelogu,clo west 4-11 arcadia
#12at soph st m #10 130'0
4- 131'7 seq ++lacie rasley,shafter 4-17 bill kearney
10- 128'3 +courtney smith,buchanan-clo 5-7 trac
7- 126'1 ++angelina ceppaglia,central 3-27 CW f/s showcase
17- 125'8 +++lissette mendivil,redwood-vis 6-13 gd west invit
124'3 +alyssa bane,buchanan-clo 4-24 SMC
6- 119'11 +janae coffee,clo west 3-17 weekly duels
5- 118'1 seq +++selena demus,tehachapi 5-23 GMasters
11- 112'2 ++heather vermillions,redwood-vis 5-8 wyl
107'4 ++essence orden,central 3-27 CW f/s showcase
106'9 seq +++ivan guerrero,RFK-del 4-17 mcfarland invit
104'10 ++tianna arredondo,buchanan-clo 4-17 lemoore
104'9 ++jackie ramos,golden valley-bk 5-7 seyl
103'11 +brittni ellis,golden west-vis 5-8 wyl
103'9 ++jessica flores,clo west 4-23 3w@cw
13- 103'3 seq ++holly bradford,wash u-easton 5-23 GMasters

Top Track & Field Returners (Boys)

Boys Central Section Top 10

FaceBook HERE.

kEY: +JR CLASS; ++ SOPH CLASS; +++FROSH CLASS; AT = all time
SR = school records: ss = seq-sie;

major meet in '10:
2-26 buchanan distance classic; bob mathias invit
2-27 clovis sprint classic
3-6 East Bkd relays; Redcats Relays@fowler(sm schools);
Sanger Spring classic;
3-12 1st chance@sunnyside; Geo Olsen Invit@coalinga;
kings county invit; Kern Invit @liberty;
3-13 Clo East T&F carnival; Mt Whitney Invit; Taft relays sm schools
3-19 buchanan auto time; NYL/CMAC relays; F/S @ Liberty
3-20 Golden West relays; Rafer Johnson Invit@kingsburg
3-26 Exeter Monarch Invit; Clo West T&F classic;
3-27 Clo East T&F classic; Mustang relays @ TW; F/S Frontier

100 meter dash:(11.2-11.44a)
open: 10.33a marquez holiwell,west-bkd '95
Meet: 10.36a marquez holiwell,west-bkd '95
'09,hanf west 10.70aw(2.6);2-n.alada,stoc 10.84aw(2.6)
3-dj scott,ed 10.86aw(2.6); 4-t.scott,clo e 10.91aw (2.6)
5-m.sumlin,gar 10.92aw(2.6); 6-r.bourbon,clo e 11.03a(2.6)

top marks '09 - Junior Walter Hunt is the top Kern speedster and has been tearing up the track since his freshman year. Right behind him is Sumlin of Garces and former state triple jump champ Johnny Carter.

3- 10.77a(1.5)+d j scott,edison-fr 4-24 SMC
st m #23 10.96a(1.4)
13- 10.83a(0.0)++brendon bigelow,central 5-2 m of c-sac
7- 10.8 (0.8)++gerald nutt,clo west 4-23 3w@cw
s-5 10.8 (wok)++walter hunt,bakersfield 4-17 mcfarland
5- 11.06a(2.0)+matt sumlin,garces-bkd 5-13 south area
11.09a(1.2)++johnny carter,ridgeview-bk 4-28 pasadena
15- 11.12a(1.3)+michael norwood,bakersfield 5-13 south area
10- 11.12a(0.8)++dillon root,redwood-vis 5-8 wyl
10.9 (0.8)+braden seibert,clo west 4-23 3w@cw
11.21a(1.0)+colton silveria,west-bk 3-27 stanford invit
11.13a(wok)seq +++brice royal,taft 5-7 SseqL
11.0 (w ok)++kendall brock,clo west 3-27 CW f/s showcase
11.27a(2.0)++corey hobbs,ridgeview-bk 3-28 pasadena
6- 11.27a(-1.0)+richard bourban,clo east 4-17 woody wilson
11.1 (wok)++chinock anderson,cental 3-27 CW f/s showcase
11.36a(0.8)++kc pearce,redwood-vis 5-8 wyl
11.37a(1.4)+++terrell green,edison-fr 3-17 4w @san

200 meter dash:(23.5-23.74a)
open: 20.5 marquez holiwell,west-bkd '95
Meet: 21.15a ronald mccree,madera '86
'09 1-i.purvis,Rv 21.68a(0.8); 2-c.parker,buc 22.08a(0.8)
3-r.bourbon,cl e 22.13a(0.8); 4-s.johnson,buc 22.33a(0.8)
5-t.baker,sie 22.36a(0.8) 6-b.jennings,stoc 22.39a(1.4)

top marks '09 - Hunt is also the fastest 200 runner as well despite not running event very often because of relay duties.

21.63a(-0.4)++brendon bigelow,central 4-11 arcadia
3- 22.13a(0.8)+richard bourban,clo east 5-23 GMasters
st n #25(0.8)
7- 22.15a(1.9)++walter hunt,bakersfield 4-13 patriot
8- 22.17a(w??)+terry morgan,tulare western 5-6 eyl
22.27a(-1.2)+d j scott,edison-fr 3-28 pasadena
6- 22.39a(1.9)++bruce jennings,stockdale-bk 5-23 GMasters
22.46a(nwi)seq +++brice royal,taft 5-7 SseqL
9- 22.58a(0.9)++dillon Root,redwood-vis 5-13 cen area
22.63a(1.9)+matt sumlin,garces-bk 4-24 patriot
10- 22.70a(0.8)++gerald nutt,clo west 5-23 GMasters
22.72a(1.2)+michael norwood,bakersfield 5-7 seyl
n-5 22.78a(0.37)+++terrell green,edison-fr 4-4 WCR
ss-2 22.86a(-0.5)seq +brennen davis,tehachapi 5-13 seq-sie
22.7 (w ?)+idarre coles,redwood-vis 3w@mw
22.7 (wok)seq +preston smee,exeter 4-22 2w@ex

400 meter dash:(53.0-53.14a)
OPEN: 46.3 larance jones,lemoore '69
Meet: 47.14ayc george timmons,edison-fre '79
Meet: 47.45am remington blair,reedley '07
'09 1-b.bigelow,cen 48.04a; 2-i.purvis,Rv 48.24a
3-m.afrentranger,lib-bk 48.72a; 4-e.crayton,bul 49.30a,ed 49.46a; 6-m.moore,cent 49.56a

top marks '09 - Last year Centennial won the 1600 relay valley crown and Moore was a big reason why. Valley 800 champ Jerrid Lewis is in the top ten as well but the 400/800 double is very difficult to pull off because the events are so close to each other on the schedule. In 2007, Ashlee Thomas of Centennial did pull it off.

1- 48.04a ++brendon bigelow,central 5-23 GMasters SR (#2at soph)
4- 49.30a ++evan crayton,bullard-fr 5-23 GMasters
st m #21 49.64a
5- 49.46a +++terrell green,edison-fr 5-23 GMasters (#3at frosh)
6- 49.56a +myren moore,centennial-bk 5-23 GMasters
12- 50.34a seq +brennen davis,tehachapi 5-13 seq-sie
10- 50.38a +jorge flores, hanford 4-4 WCR
50.52a +jerrid lewis,ridgeview-vis 5-7 swyl
ss-4 50.73a ss +preston smee,exeter 5-6 CseqL
51.18a seq +josh garza,liberty-madera rancheo 5-13 seq-sie
51.4 seq +++jorge zuniga,wasco
51.71a seq +sergel horowitz,tehachapi 5-13 seq-sie
51.86a seq +trevor sa,selma 5-13 seq-sie-6
51.99a +keifer rose,hanford 4-17 lemoore

800 meter run:(2:03.1)
open: 1:48.3 clark mitchell,bksfd '65
Meet: 1:50.23a vondre armour,bksfd '93
'09- 1-j.lewis,Rv 1:54.75a; 2-j.arellano,mad 1:54.81a
3-j.sanchez,buc 1:54.97a; 4-c.younger,MW 1:55.62a
5-c.brown,mad so 1:55.93a;,san 1:56.65a

top marks '09 - The Jerrid and Jake show should continue this year. Last year they had some great races and Jerrid always prevailed but this year Jake may have some help in the event because his teammate Lewis (photo) is considering making it his focus this year.

1- 1:54.63a +jerrid lewis,ridgeview-bk 5-13 so area
st m #14 1:55.06a
6- 1:56.65a +ben fox,sanger 5-23 GMasters
8- 1:56.95a +jake vanZandt,highland-bk 4-4 WCR
9- 1:58.71a sie +jonathan garcia,parlier 5-23 GMasters
1:59.1 ++justin vilhauer,redwood-vis 3w@mw
2:00.60a +matt morris,golden west-vis 5-8 wyl
2:00.64a +++cj albertson,buchanan-clo 4-17 lemoore f/s
2:01.04a +colin lewis,highland-bk 4-17 lemoore
2:01.17a ++evan crayton,bullard-fr 3-14 CE carn
2:01.72a +jim diller,centennial-bkd 5-1 reedley
18- 2:02.23a seq ++christian gonzales,exeter 5-1 reedley
2:02.41a ++dimitri kecskes,buchanan-clo 4-30 county f/s
2:02.80a ++max martinez,buchanan-clo 4-17 lemoore f/s
2:02.87a +danny suvanto,buchanan-clo 4-17 lemoore

1600 meter run:(4:41.1)
open: 4:06.4 peter romero,reedley '67
Meet: 4:12.51a gary gonzales,clovis '81
'09 1-C.Schwartz,FtH 4:14.37a; 2-j sanchez,buc 4:14.71a;
3-g.tesfai,hoo 4:21.36a; 4-h.reedy,buc 4:21.44a;
5-cj albertson,buc 4:22.98a; 6-r.rodriquez,TW 4:25.90a.

top marks '09 - Colin is the top Kern miler so his 800 dreams my just be that. But to make it to state, the 800 might be an easier path.

4:15.35a ++justin vilhauer,redwood-vis 4-18 mt sac #24at
5- 4:19.28a +++cj albertson,buchanan-cl 6-5 st meet trials
st m #19 4:19.28a #2AT frosh
4- 4:20.84a +heath reedy,buchanan-cl 3-28 CV classic
3- 4:21.36a +germay tesfai,hoover-fr 5-23 GMasters
st me #27 4:28.61a
4:25.51a +ben fox,sanger 3-14 MW pioneer
4:27.11ac ++mizreal mendez,mt whitney-vis 4-11 arcadia
7- 4:27.85a +colin lewis,highland-bk 5-23 GMasters
4:28.52a ++ricardo penaloza,redwood-vis 5-8 wyl
10- 4:28.82a +joseph pace,clo west 5-7 trac
12- 4:30.33a +matt morris,golden west-vis 4-17 lemoore
4:31.17a +kellen levy,clo west 3-19 buc auto
13- 4:31.54a ++max martinez,buchanan-clo 5-13 no area
15- 4:33.4 sie ++francisco nava,mcfarland 4-29 WsiL
4:34.99a +brandon croft,el diamante-vis 4-4 WCR
4:35.05a sie +jonathan garcia,parlier 5-1 reedley
4:35.60a seq ++tyler vanderschuur,CVC-vis 5-13 seq-sie-4

3200 meter run:(10:15)
open: 8:49.4 peter romero,reedley '67
Meet: 9:02.71a kyle alcorn,buchanan-clo '02
'09- 1-c.schwartz,ft h 9:20.22a; 2-j.sanchez,buc 9:22.21a;
3-h.reedy,buc 9:22.28a; 4-j.vilhauer,Rw 9:27.43a;
5-cj albertson,buc 9:33.58a; 6-b.baker,Rv 9:33.65a

top marks '09 - For some reason Ridgeview's Robby Baker was left of this list despite running consistently under 9:45 last year. He is listed as running 9:33 in the above list. Stockdale's Kelly will be in the hunt and the 3200 should look like the SWYL cross country meet with several Stockdale and Ridgeview runners looking to take over Schwartz's crown.

4- 9:02.71a ++justin vilhauer,redwood-vis 4-11 arcadia #12at
#1at soph
3- 9:15.12a +heath reedy,buchanan-cl 4-4 WCR
st meet finals #22 9:19.29a
9:26.44a ++mizreal mendez,mt whitney-vis 6-13 gd west invit
8- 9:23.27a +johnny sanchez,roosevelt-fr 4-10 arcadia
5- 9:33.58a +++cj albertson,buchanan-clo 5-23 GMasters #9at fr
9:48.8 +germay tesfai,hoover-fr 3-13 1st c
9:49.02a ++kevin barnard,buchanan-clo 5-1 reedley
15- 9:50.87a seq ++jesus villalpando,shafter 5-13 seq-sie
9:51.09a ++josh webb,clovis 3-28 azusa m of c
17- 9:55.58a +++curtis kelly,stockdale-bk 5-13 so area
9:56.61a ++max martinez,buchanan-clo 4-4 WCR
9:58.79a +brandon croft,el diamante-vis 4-24 dk tulare champ
10:02.01a seq +chris handel,shafter 4-4 WCR
10:03.99a sie ++francisco nava,mcfarland 3-27 exe monarch
10:05.38a ++angel flores,madera south 4-4 WCR
10:05.62a seq ++joey jimenez,dinuba 5-1 reedley

110 meter HH:(16.3-16.54a)
open: 13.6 tom andrews,west-bkd '73
Meet: 13.93a ronald mccoy,edison-fre '81
'09 1-s.johnson,buc 14.15a(1.6); 2-c.archie,buc 14.27a(1.6);
3-a.mashier,gd w 14.64a(1.6); 4-bj kelley,cen 15.05a(1.6);
5-d.dunn,yos 15.07a(1.6); 6-m.osuna,mad 15.11a(1.0).

top marks '09
1- 14.15a(1.6) +sean johnson,buchanan-cl 5-23 GMasters #11at
#5at jr; st m #8 14.19aw(2.1) final #7 14.34a(1.0)
5- 14.85a(nwi) seq +detri dunn,yosemite-oakh 5-13 seq-sie
4- 15.05a(1.7) ++bj kelley,central 5-23 GMasters
9- 15.22a (0.3)++jayden law,el diamante-vis 5-13 cen area
10- 15.28a(nwi)seq +frankie puente,selma 5-13 seq-sie
11- 15.54a(1.0) ++john Brinson,clo east 5-23 GMasters
15.82a(w ok)++willie alexander,central 4-30 county f/s
15- 15.82a(0.7) ++christian king,centennial-bk 5-7 swyl
15.84a(0.01)seq +max clark,tehachapi 5-1 reedley
16.12a(nwi)sie ++andrew evans,fresno christian 5-13 seq-sie-8
16.39a(nwi)seq +matt ruddock,yosemite-oakhurst 5-13 seq-sie-10
16.41a(nwi)seq ++gregory davis,taft 5-7 SseqL

300 meter IH:(41.8-42.04a)
open: 37.28a thomas mack,bksfd '02
Meet: 37.62a nick ray,ridgeview-bkd '97
'09 1-s.johnson,buc 38.63a; 2-d.dunn,yos 39.62a;
3-m.steward,Rw 39.76a; 4-c.king,cent 40.00a;
5-m.osuna,mad 40.30a; 6-a.hurtado,high 40.31a

top marks '09
1- 38.59a +sean johnson,buchanan-clo 6-5 st meet trials #28at
#28at; #10at JR; st m #9 38.59a final #8 39.10a
2- 38.74a seq +detri dunn,yosemite-oakh 5-13 seq-sie SR
st m #15 39.20a
7- 39.57a +noe garcia,madera south 4-24 SMC SR
4- 40.00a ++christian king,centennial-bk 5-23 GMasters
40.2 ++b j kelly,central 3-27 CW f/s showcase
17- 40.91a +matt ruddock,yosemite-oakhurst 5-13 seq-sie
15- 41.32a ++jayden law,el diamante-vis 5-8 wyl
11- 41.53a ++navneet dhillon,sanger 4-17 yos mt invit f/s
41.60a ++john brinson,clo east 4-30 county f/s
41.67a ++jake talley,clo west 3-31 4w@ce
41.71a sie +Luis sandivar,fowler 2-28 clo sprint carn
41.85a +ethan silva,lemoore 4-17 lemoore
42.18a seq +++rene mendez,selma 5-13 seq-sie-7

4x100 meter relay:(45.2-45.34a)
open: 40.83a edison-fre '83
meet: 41.24a bakersfield '95
'09 1-buchanan 42.04a; 2-redwood 42.36a;
3-clovis west 42.44a; 4-central 42.45a;
5-bakersfield 42.62a; 6-clovis east 42.74a

top marks '09
1- 42.04a buchanan-clo 5-23 GMasters st m #12 42.10a
2- 42.36a redwood-visalia 5-23 GMasters st m DQ
3- 42.44a clovis west 5-23 GMasters st m #18 42.65a
4- 42.45a central 5-23 GMasters
5- 42.62a bakersfield 5-23 GMasters
6- 42.64a clovis east 5-23 GMasters
9- 42.97a ridgeview-bk 4-24 patriot
7- 43.16a tulare western 5-23 GMasters
43.17a centennial-bk 5-7 sweyl

4x400 meter relay:(3:36.1)
open: 3:13.45a edison-fre '79
meet: 3:14.83a bakersfield '02
'09-1-centennial 3:19.94a; 2-ridgeview 3:20.23a;
3-buchanan 3:22.29a; 4-clo east 3:22.67a;
5-bullard 3:23.21a; 6-tulare western 3:23.86a

top marks '09
2- 3:19.11a ridgeview-bk 5-7 swyl st m #22 3:25.19a
1- 3:19.94a centennial-bkd 5-23 GMasters SR st m #11 3:21.35a
3- 3:21.05a buchanan-clo 5-13 no area st m #19 3:23.77a
5- 3:21.31a bullard-fresno 5-13 no area
s-2 3:21.56a liberty-bk 5-13 so area
4- 3:22.67a clovis east 5-23 GMasters
6- 3:23.86a tulare western 5-23 GMasters SR
7- 3:24.93a redwood-visalia 5-23 GMasters
13- 3:24.95a bakersfield 5-13 so area
8- 3:25.12a el diamante-vis 5-23 GMasters
10- 3:25.47a highland-bk 5-7 seyl
9- 3:25.94a edison-fresno 5-23 GMasters

high jump:(6'0)
open: 7'2.25 jason howard,rv-bkd '97
meet: 7'00 eric nyberg,mt whithey-vis '94
7'00 gabriel zarete,selma '97
7'00 cole herron,sanger '02
'09 1- g.robbins,west 6'8; 2t-p.mccullum,gar 6'6;
2t-i.cole,Rw 6'6; 4t-m.wilson,tul u 6'4;
4t-p.daley,lem 6'4; 6- 5way tie @ 6'2.

top marks '09
2t- 6'8.25 +phillip mccullum,garces-bk 3-28 pasadena
st m #12 6'6
4t 6'8 +marquess wilson,tulare u 3-14 MW pioneer
2t- 6'6 +Idarre coles,redwood-vis 2-21 lee adams
st m #8 6'6 final #10 6'5
4t 6'6 +philmore daley,lemoore 5-8 wyl
11t- 6'2 +++gyle becker,bullard-fr 5-7 cmac
6t- 6'2 ++ryan kruse,redwood-vis 5-8 wyl
17- 6'0 seq ++chris ochoa,chowchilla 3-14 CE carn f/s
6'0 +dot olubeku,clo west 4-4 WCR
6'0 +andrew skaff,clovis 4-4 WCR
6'0 +greg storey,el diamante-vis 5-8 wyl

pole vault:(12'0)
open: 17'4 david cox,hoover-fre '91
Meet: 16'3 mark unzueta, lemoore '98
'09- 1-m.peterson,cl east 15'4; 2-g.butcher,el d 14'10;
3-c.manuele,MW 14'10; 4t-r.vasquez,cl east 14'4;
4t-c.lyles,cl east 14'4; 4t-a.mashier,gd w 14'4.

top marks '09
(TID BIT: 46 HAVE CLEARED 15'0 in section)
4t 15'0 +ryan vasquez,clo east 3-28 CV classic #46at
9- 14'6 +caleb gaglardi,clo west 3-28 CV classic
14'6 +mike mcelroy,buchanan-cl 4-17 lemoore
7- 14'4 +brenton malan,buchanan-cl 5-23 GMasters
14'3 ++kyle fraley,lemoore 4-17 lemoore
10- 14'0 seq +frankie puente,selma 4-7 SEC
13'6 +bryon tookey,lemoore 4-17 lemoore
12'6 ++kimo alaman,clo east 3-11 3w
12'6 +++scott greeman,clovis 4-17 lemoore f/s
15- 12'6 seq +++kyser anderson,fresno christian 5-13 seq-sie
12'6 seq ++gregory davis,taft 5-13 seq-sie-4

long jump:(20'06)
open: 26'4.75 james stallworth,tulare u '89
Meet: 25'9.5 gerald hardeman,edison-fre '72
'09 1-m.afrentranger,lib-b 22'9(1.6); 2-f.gaines,chow 22'6(2.6);
3-m.wilson,tul u 22'4.75(1.8); 4-n.mearse,front 22'0.75(1.5);
5-j.meadows,stoc 21'9(4.4); 6-j.garza,lib-mr 21'7.25(1.6)

top marks '09

3- 22'4.25(1.8)+marquess wilson,tulare u 5-23 GMasters
st m #13 22'1(0.3)
8- 22'0.75(1.1)++dillon root,redwood-vis 4-10 arcadia
4- 22'0.75(1.5)+nolan mearse,frontier-bk 5-23 GMasters
c-3 21'11(1.6)+michael steward,redwood-vis 5-8 wyl
21'10.5(-0.9)++johnny carter,ridgeview-bk 4-10 arcadia
6- 21'9.5(1.5)seq +josh garza,liberty-mad rch 5-13 seq-sie
21'6.5(nwi)+idarre cole,redwood-vis 5-13 cen area
21'5(nwi) +philmore daley,lemoore 4-17 lemoore
ss-4 21'4.5(1.5)+frankie puente,selma 5-13 seq-sie
16- 21'0 (1.5)seq +marcelas walker,wash u-easton 5-13 seq-sie
20'11.5(wok)++bruce jennings,stockdale-bk 3-27 liberty f/s
17- 20'8.75(+1.8)++seth barsarian,clovis 3-28 CV classic f/s
20'7.5(w ?)seq ++amritpal singh,independent-bk 3-27 liberty f/s

triple jump:(42'0)
open: 52'6.5 David Tucker,memorial-fre '70
Meet: 51'2.5 david tucker,memorial-fre '71
'09 1-j.carter,Rv 47'4(1.1); 2-i.coles,Rw 47'0.5(1.5);,tul u 46'3.75(1.3);4-c.haynes,tul u 45'3.25(1.7);
5-n.mearse,front 45'3(2.0); 6-e.abundis,sel 44'9.75(1.7)

top marks '09
1- 48'9.5(0.0)++johnny carter,ridgeview-bkd 6-6 st meet finals
(defending CA state champion as a frosh)(won GM in '08-09)
#3at soph;#37at; st m 47'2.75w(2.6)FINAL 2ND 48'9.5(0.0)
2- 47'0.5(1.5)++idarre coles,redwood-vis 5-23 GMasters
st m #8 46'8.25w(2.6) final 9th 44'7.25(1.2)
5- 45'3(2.0)+nolan mearse,frontier-bk 5-23 GMasters
44'7(-1.2)+marquess wilson,tulare u 4-18 mt sac
n-3 43.5.25(0.5)++seth barsarian,clovis 5-7 trac
43'1.5(w ok)++bj kelly,central 4-30 county f/s
42'7.5(wok)+isaiah jenkins,mt whitney-vis 5-1 reedley
14- 42'1(nwi)seq ++donovan rutherford,independence-bk 5-13 seq-sie-4

shot put:(47'0)
open: 69'3.5 van mounts, bksfd '98
Meet: 67'0.75 van mounts bksfd '97
'09- 1-m.darr,front 60'7.75; 2-w.irwin,cl east 58'10.5;
3-i.vasquez,fre 51'1; 4-b.sandri,el d 50'6;
5-j.budwig,fow 50'1.5; 6-j.gonzales,clo 49'10

top marks '09
1- 62'1.25 +matt darr,frontier-bk 6-6 st meet final #13at SR
#4at jr class;st m #2 60'6; FINAL #1 62'1.25
2- 60'10.5 +willie irwin,clo east 5-7 trac #19at SR
#10at jr class; st m #6 55'10.5; FINAL #4 58'7.5
5- 56'3.5 sie +jacob budwig,fowler 4-4 WCR
4- 54'6 +brice sandri,el diamante-vis 3-8 weekly duals
11- 49'8.5 +paul sicks,tulare u 5-13 cen area

open: 210'0 jeff buckey,bksfd '91
Meet: 202'1 rob powell, redwood-vis '90
'09 1-m.darr,front 177'6; 2-b.sandri,el d 173'6;
3-w.irwin,cl east 168'00;4-j.lopez,MW 157'3;
5-j.budwig,fow 153'9; 6-a.bowser,cl east 152'2.

top marks '09
1- 192'0 +matt darr,frontier-bk 6-6 st meet final #9at SR
#3at jr; st m #1 187'6; FINALS #1 192'0
3- 188'8 +willy irwin,clo east 6-6 st meet final #17at SR
#5at jr: st m #3 181'1 FINALS #2 188'8
5- 185'00 sie +jacob budwig,fowler 4-17 b.kearney #27at SR
#7 at jr; (#1at sie div)
2- 178'10 +brice sandri,el diamante-vis 6-6 st meet final SR
st m #5 170'0 FINALS #5 178'10
155'8 ss +rolando vargas,McFarland 3-7 fowler

139'7 +shane souza,el diamante 4-24 dk tulare champ

Thursday, December 17, 2009

BUMR - The Bakersfield Unofficial Marathon Run - 26.6

BUMR - The Bakersfield Unofficial Marathon Run - 26.6 (yes, that is .4 farther than a normal marathon, but they liked it)

2010 Photos HERE.

Bib Number Name Distance Ran Time
144 David Bacus 26.6 3:09:51
140 Freddie Bingham 26.6 3:30
117 Francisco Ramirez 26.6 4:00
133 Walt Perkins 26.6 4:14
150 J. R. Miatz 26.6 4:23:48
132 Jon Cota 26.6 4:30
124 Julie Opheim 26.6 4:35:31
141 Liz Byrnes 26.6 4:35:32
Chelsey Soto - McGauhey 26.6 4:40
142 Jean Contreras 26.6 4:41:20
134 Jimmy Herrera 26.2 4:48
145 Peter Urmston 26.6 4:50:00
120 Rey Rodriguez 26.6 5:08
122 Bill Smith 26.6 5:13
108 Joseph Guron 26.6 5:20
107 Dan Ramirez 26.6 5:20
143 Adam Ledezma 26.6 5:25
Dale Van Schaad 26.6 5:28
Marilyn Johnson 26.6 5:28
104 Pedro Sequira 26.6 6:04
125 Annie Elrod 26.6 6:12
118 Liza Sorenson 26.6 6:26
119 Gabrelle Alexander 26.6 7:10
127 Brian Smith 22 4:30
Craig Gardner 20 2:35:16
Greg Johnson 20 3:18
112 Tammy Farley 20 4:00
113 Carol Monje 20 4:00
114 Shelly Johnson 20 4:00
123 Klaus Benamy-Hackel 20 2:54:34
131 Cindy Adame 20 3:31
149 Jeff Coomber 20 3:37
151 Diane Daves 19.96 4:15:12
128 Mike Finley 18.5 3:04
138 Tom Ryan 18 3:34
115 Tom Alverez 17.1 3:00:06
109 Daniel Ramirez 17 3:30
136 O'Connor 16.6 2:10:20
110 John Johnston 16
111 Parks 16
Doug Johnston 16 2:57:07
121 Hector Rubio 16 2:52:13
146 Jonathon Wykoff 13.1 1:35
129 Carl Hatley 13.1 1:34:37
139 Sandy Ryan 13
Katie Nickell 12 2:25
Craig Smith 12 2:25
130 T. Wolfgram 11 3:04
147 Frank Bacus 10 1:51:51
148 Priscilla Bacus 10 1:51:51
135 Terry Wells 10 2:11:35
116 T. Lavern 9 2:26

2008 Coverage HERE.
Face Book HERE.

BUMR - The Bakersfield Unofficial Marathon Run - 26.6 (yes, that is .4 farther than a normal marathon, but we liked it) Run starts at 7 am at the Derrell's Mini Storage just below the bluffs from Bakersfield College. The course runs 13.3 miles West on the bike path along the Kern River and then returns along the same route. Aid stations will be provided, as well as goodies at the finish line that are better than at most major marathons I have run. Entry Form

Medals for marathon finishers!!

•6 manned aid stations w/water/Gatorade and snacks

•Entry fee $5, T-Shirts $10

•Free Hot dogs/drinks/chips at the

end to refresh yourself -Food available for $1.50 for non-runners

•BTC Runners get mileage credit

Lee Adams Open 2010

The Lee Adams Open (02.20.10) is a great way to kick off a new season of track & field. Many of our local high school athletes compete alongside CSUB and other college athletes. Even a few post-grads show up and compete too.

2010 Results HERE.
2009 Coverage HERE.
FaceBook HERE.

Meet Recap:

Women 400 Meter Dash

1 DeLaRosa, Alyson Unattached 1:01.64 - Frontier
2 Riggins, Joy Unattached 1:05.07 - Garces
3 Lake, Miya Unattached 1:08.21

Women 1600 Meter Run

1 Celis, Arianna Cal State Bakers 5:17.69
2 Haney, Carolin Unattached 5:33.70 - Stockdale junior
3 Patel, Riddhi Unattached 5:40.98 - Stockdale freshman
4 Guzman, Monica Unattached 5:42.68 - Garces senior
5 Nunez, Lina Cal State Bakers 5:46.29 - former Blade
6 DeLaRosa, Alyson Unattached 5:48.06 - Frontier
7 Braughton, Jorey Centennial TC 5:48.55 - PR for this senior
8 Lynch, Tijerra Ridgeview Track 5:50.55 - Ridgeview junior
9 Montes, Joanna Unattached 5:55.03
10 Nolasco, Lauren Cal State Bakers 6:06.62

Women 5000 Meter Run

1 Patel, Riddhi Unattached 19:33.77 - Stockdale freshman
2 Mata, Judith Cal State Bakers 19:47.54
3 Guzman, Monica Unattached 20:35.82 - Garces senior
4 Silva, Erica Unattached 21:08.05

Men 400 Meter Dash

1 Burke, Stephe Unattached 52.39 - Stockdale senior
2 Washington, Brandon Unattached 53.05
3 Merrit, Trason Cal State Bakers 54.37
4 Miller, Christopher Unattached 55.31 - Bakersfield senior
5 Verrell, Justin Unattached 59.02
6 Karpe, Robert Unattached 1:01.41
7 Gill, Max Garces TC 1:01.99
8 Gonzalez, Aaron Unattached 1:08.37

Men 1600 Meter Run

1 Guerrero, Daniel Redwood TC 4:30.76
2 Lee, Eddy Cal State Bakers 4:31.92
3 Kelly, Curtis Unattached 4:37.24 - Stockdale sophomore
4 Cramer, Nick Unattached 4:37.32
5 Urganda, Xavier Redwood TC 4:43.66
6 Baker, Robby Ridgeview Track 4:45.12 - Ridgeview senior
7 Fuentes, Oscar Unattached 4:45.87 - former East High Blade
8 Sandles, Daymon Unattached 4:46.56 - Golden Valley
9 Solis, Brian Unattached 4:46.61 - Ridgeview senior
10 Bacus, David Unattached 4:49.58 - Ran the BTC Half marathon as a warmup. Came in second in a time of 1:15
11 Lewis, Jerrid Ridgeview Track 4:57.13 - senior
12 Miller, Cameron Unattached 4:58.21 - Stockdale sophomore
13 Haney, Blake Unattached 4:58.63 - 13 year old who will be running for Stockdale this fall.
14 Hernandez, Jesse Redwood TC 4:59.85
15 Gonzales, Ricky Unattached 5:02.09
16 Carrillo, Robert Unattached 5:04.87
17 Fuentes, Albert Unattached 5:07.23
18 Hobson, Tree Unattached 5:09.43 - Ridgeview
19 Guerrero, David Redwood TC 5:20.99
20 Mota, Isaac Unattached 5:39.77
21 Mota, Abel Unattached 5:39.86
22 Ralls, Adam Unattached 5:40.34 - North High
23 Fitzpatrick, Boston Unattached 5:40.89 - 12 year old
24 Lewis, Coli Unattached 5:40.93 - Highland senior
25 Fitzpatrick, Joey Unattached 5:44.34 - 10 year old
26 Burke, Stephe Unattached 5:49.41 - Stockdale senior
27 Gonzalez, Aaron Unattached 5:49.93
28 Garcia, Alex Ridgeview Track 5:59.68 - Ridgeview senior
29 Armour, Vondre Unattached 6:01.10 - Former state champ in the 800 for BHS. Now Centennial coach

Men 5000 Meter Run

1 Lopez, Jose Cal State Bakers 16:00.40
2 Cramer, Nick Unattached 16:14.20
3 Baker, Robby Ridgeview Track 16:21.10 - Ridgeview senior
4 Ariey, Andrew Unattached 16:22.10 - Former Driller at Cal Poly SLO
5 Marlin, Mike Unattached 16:26.90 - Cal Poly SLO
6 Miller, Cameron Unattached 16:30.30 - Stockdale soph. who was only local state D1 cross country qualifier
7 Calderon, Juan Unattached 16:30.70 - SSL xc champ from Arvin
8 Troxal, Ryan Unattached 16:56.40
9 Garcia, Alex Ridgeview Track 17:01.70 - Ridgeview senior
10 Sandles, Daymon Unattached 17:02.50 - Golden Valley
11 Nelson, Brian Unattached 17:55.50 - Over 50 years old and Arvin xc coach
12 Garner, Steven Unattached 20:39.00 - Driller





WARM-UP AREA: Please warm up on the grass area between the track and fence. ONLY 1/4” SPIKES WILL BE ALLOWED. The starter and judges will check spike length

REPORTING TIME: Please report to your event by THE SECOND CALL - or 10 MINUTES before starting time. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

To be determined at the site.


NUMBER OF JUMPS/THROWS: In the DISCUS, SHOT, HAMMER, LONG & TRIPLE JUMPS, each competitor will be allowed a total of FOUR (4) attempts. The one-minute rule will apply.

Competitors in the FIELD EVENTS will NOT be allowed any attempts, after the last competitor in the last flight has completed his/her throws/jumps. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Extremely large numbers in the field events could result in instituting a “qualifying” line, in which competitors would have to throw/jump past this mark to be measured. Meet management will view the entries, before making the final decision.

JAVELIN: We will have two (2) Javelin throwing areas. WOMEN will throw on the south field; MEN will throw within the track infield. The Javelin runways are grass.

FALSE START RULE: A false start will and must eliminate that individual and his/her relay team from the race.

AWARDS: Quality T-shirts will be awarded to the first-place team in each relay section. In the field events, first place will receive a T-shirt. You may claim your T-shirt thirty (30) minutes AFTER the event has been announced.

SHOWER FACILITIES: Will be available, but each SCHOOL/INDIVIDUAL must provide its/his/her OWN TOWELS and SECURITY for its/his/her VALUABLES.

PARKING: Buses can park in the parking lot NORTH of the track. NO PARKING DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the track (west side).

The time schedule is based on entries received and we will try to keep on schedule, as much as possible. YOUR COOPERATION AND UNDERSTANDING WILL BE APPRECIATED.

NOTE: All SCRATCHES will be made to the Clerk of the Course or at the field event. ADDITIONS will be added, only if space is available.


SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY 200-200-400-800

Two-turn stagger: #1 and #2 runners will be in lanes. Exchange zones are clearly marked. The 400 runner can break for the pole.

DISTANCE MEDLEY RELAY 1200-400-800-1600


First runner in lanes all the way. Second runner, after receiving the baton, may break for the inside lane, PROVIDED he/she does not interfere with another runner.
* * * *

You MUST have your HAND STAMPED at the gate.

If your hand is NOT STAMPED, you will NOT be allowed to re-enter the gate without paying.

* * * * * * * * * *



Event #


3. 10:10 A.M. 5,000 METERS – MEN/BOYS

4. 10:35 A.M. 4 X 100 METER RELAY

5. 10:45 A.M. 4 X 100 METER RELAY

6. 10:55 A.M. 5,000 METERS – WOMEN/GIRLS

7. 11:20 A.M. SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY – MEN/BOYS (200-200-400-800)

8. 11:30 A.M. SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY – WOMEN/GIRLS (200-200-400-800)

9. 11:40 A.M. 400 METERS – MEN/BOYS

10. 11:55 A.M. 400 METERS – WOMEN/GIRLS

11. 12:05 P.M. 100 METERS – MEN/BOYS

12. 12:20 P.M. 100 METERS – WOMEN/GIRLS


13. 12:45 P.M. DISTANCE MEDLEY RELAY – WOMEN/GIRLS (800-400-1200-

14. 1:05 P.M. DISTANCE MEDLEY RELAY – MEN/BOYS (800-400-1200-

15. 1:25 P.M. 4 X 200 METER RELAY- WOMEN/GIRLS


16. 1:35 P.M. 4 X 200 METER RELAY – MEN/BOYS


18. 2:00 P.M. 300 METER HURDLES – MEN/BOYS

19. 2:15 P.M. 200 METERS – MEN/BOYS

20. 2:35 P.M. 200 METERS – WOMEN/GIRLS

21. 2:45 P.M. 1600 METERS – WOMEN/GIRLS

22. 3:05 P.M. 1600 METERS – MEN/BOYS

23. 3:20 P.M. 4 X 400 METER RELAY – WOMEN/GIRLS

24. 3:30 P.M. 4 X 400 METER RELAY – MEN/BOYS













Saturday, February 20, 2010 is the date of the annual LEE ADAMS/CSUB OPEN TRACK AND FIELD MEET at California State University, Bakersfield. We would like to extend an invitation to you and some of your outstanding athletes to enter this year’s meet.

If not enough entries are received to field a particular event, that event will not be held. HOWEVER, your athlete(s) CAN ENTER ANY EVENT(s) of competition offered. We are changing the format this year and moving to more normal outdoor events. Sprints will be photo-timed.

They will be awarded T-shirts, based on their finish AGAINST OTHER HIGH SCHOOL student-athletes. When entering, please have them indicate the name of their high school or high school club team next to their name.

Enclosed is a general information sheet, along with a time schedule and general entry forms for both boys and girls.

ENTRY FEE: $8 per person
ENTRY DEADLINE: February 15, 2010

Robert Boyles, Assistant Coach
Men’s and Women’s Track & Field




SCHOOL: __________________________________________________ PHONE: ( ) _________
HEAD COACH: ________________________________



1. ______________________________ 16.____________________________
2. ______________________________ 17.____________________________
3. ______________________________ 18.____________________________
4. ______________________________ 19.____________________________
5. ______________________________ 20.____________________________
6. ______________________________ 21.____________________________
7. ______________________________ 22.____________________________
8. ______________________________ 23.____________________________
9. ______________________________ 24.____________________________
10. ______________________________ 25.____________________________
11. ______________________________ 26.____________________________
12. ______________________________ 27.____________________________
13. ______________________________ 28.____________________________
14. ______________________________ 29.____________________________
15. ______________________________ 30.____________________________

NUMBER OF ATHLETES: ________ X $8.00/ATHLETES - $ _____


BAKERSFIELD, CA 93311-1099

Phone: (661) 654-2347/3476
Fax: (661) 654-2376

Entries should be received no later than February 15, 2010. If entries are not received by this date, the meet management cannot guarantee your participation in this meet. Meet will be conducted rain or shine!


All-Area Cross Country: 1984 to 2009

2009 All-Area selections by Zack Ewing:

BOYS CROSS COUNTRY -- Alex Garcia and Robby Baker, Ridgeview
I don't like going with co-Players (Runners) of the Year, because I think sometimes it's a crutch when you don't want to make a decision. But I will do it every now and then, and this is one case where the shoe fits. Garcia and Baker ran together in nearly every race of the year, finishing more than 30 seconds apart just twice. Baker had the better regular season, winning 10 events and beating Garcia along the way. But Garcia was at his best in the clutch -- winning at the SWYL meet and finishing ahead at the section and state meets as the Wolf Pack boys reached state for the first time in school history. Garcia was also ahead at the Kern County Championships until some spectators got in the way and forced the pair to change course late. Baker wound up winning with Garcia a second behind. How fitting. How can you separate them? McFarland freshman Erik Garcia also deserves some mention here; he won the Division IV section championship and led the Cougars to second in state in just his first year. Good things are ahead in 2010.

Ridgeview's Baker, Garcia share Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year honor

Even in a sport as individual as cross country, it pays to have good teammates. Just ask Robbie Baker and Alex Garcia. The two Ridgeview standouts were rarely challenged by the rest of the competition this past season. But the duo, which finished more than 20 seconds apart just once all year, didn’t let that deter them from pushing each other to get better every week.

First Team 2009

Wolf Pack's Setser named Boys Cross Country Coach of the Year

Ridgeview cross country coach Adam Setser knew this season would be a culmination of five years’ worth of program-building. When he came to Ridgeview, the team consisted of a couple of guys Setser described as “thugs” and not much else.
“There were struggles at the beginning trying to get this team to be a team,” Setser said. “It was tough, and we went through it for a couple of years.”

GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY -- Tijerra Lynch, Ridgeview
Another testament to the program Adam Setser has built at Ridgeview is Lynch, who's now a two-time Runner of the Year after coming over from the track team, where she was an 800 specialist. Lynch beats out Sarah Baker of Bakersfield for this award, mainly because though their times were very similar (Baker's were even better at some points) the only time they raced against each other was at the Kern County meet. Lynch kicked at the end to beat Baker by five seconds. The good news for us is that both are juniors, and we can watch them battle again next year. Highland's Jeanette Rodriguez and Taft's Megan Thompson won section championships, but it was Lynch (third in D-III) and Baker (10th in D-I) who really led the local pack all year.

Ridgeview's Tijerra Lynch honored as All-Area Girls Runner of the Year

Tijerra Lynch caught people by surprise in her first year of cross country last season. In most cases this year, she just couldn't be caught.
The Ridgeview junior continued her transition from an 800-meter specialist to one of the top girls cross country runners in the area with another series of dominant performances.

First Team 2009Stockdale's Tape selected All-Area Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year

Stockdale girls cross country coach Bree Tape thought 2009 would be the dreaded rebuilding year, a stepping stone for successes down the road.
Then she saw her freshmen, and thought success this year was a heck of a lot closer.
She led the Mustangs to it, winning an SWYL title and the Kern County Championships. Tape is The Californian’s Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year.

Past winners: Runner of the Year

2008 Tijerra Lynch, Ridgeview

2007 Candace Carlson, North

2006 Cassandra Salazar, Shafter

2005 Amanda Montgomery, North

2004 Clarissa Rivera, Delano

2003 Brittany Grimes, Centennial

2002 Brittany Grimes, Centennial

2001 Brittany Grimes, Centennial

2000 Brittany Grimes, Centennial

1999 Alicia Veiss, McFarland

1998 Janel Suburu, Ridgeview and Laura Davis, McFarland

1997 Laura Davis, McFarland and Veronica Sanchez, Wasco

1996 Tracy Bowling, Taft; Cristina Sanchez, McFarland; Brianne Barber, Centennial

1995 Veronica Sanchez, Wasco and Tracy Bowling, Taft

1994 Tracy Cohn, Stockdale and Veronica Sanchez, Wasco

1993 Lori Fancon, Taft

1992 Cindy Franco, Delano

1991 Lori Miller, North and Cindy Franco, Delano

1990 Maribel Salinas, Arvin

1989 Mary Martinez, Foothill

1988 Mary Martinez, Foothill

1987 Mary Martinez, Foothill and Julie Caufield, East

1986 Mary Martinez, Foothill and Julie Caufield, East

1985 Julie Caufield, East and Tonya Russell, Taft

1984 Julie Caufield, East

Girls Coach of the Year:

2008 Adam Setser, Ridgeview

2007 Randy Jones, centennial

2006 terry lewis, shafter

2005 randy jones, centennial

2004 randy jones. centennial

2003 terry lewis, shafter

2002 randy jones, centennial

2001 gary adams, mcfarland

2000 pete perez, east

1999 gary adams, mcfarland

1998 darin sundgren, north

1997 jose medina, wasco

1996 jose medina, wasco

1995 david dennis, taft

1994 david dennis, taft

1993 gary adams, mcfarland

1992 gary kuster, north

1991 gary adams, mcfarland

1990 gary adams, mcfarland

1989 ted oliver, foothill

1988 gary adams, mcfarland

1987 ted oliver, foothill

Past Runners of the Year

2008 Chris Schwartz, Foothill

2007 Chris Schwartz, Foothill

2006 Alan Lloyd, Burroughs

2005 Octavio Ruiz, McFarland

2004 Brandon Rooney, Tehachapi

2003 Nathan Longcrier, Centennial

2002 Lucas Burke, Stockdale

2001 Billy Nelson, Taft

2000 Andres Gomes, McFarland

1999 Mario Macias, Delano

1998 Andres Gomes, McFarland

1997 Jose Perezchica, McFarland

1996 Jose Perezchica, McFarland

1995 Micah Fuson, Taft; Jorge Castro, Arvin and Luis Herrera, Arvin

1994 Galvin Gonzalez, McFarland

1993 Galvin Gonzalez, McFarland

1992 George Rivera, Delano and Ricardo Brewer, North

1991 George Rivera, Delano and Ricardo Brewer, North

1990 George Rivera, Delano

1989 Johnny Samaniego, McFarland; Juan Sanchez, Delano and Javier Flores, Wasco

1988 Juan Romero, Arvin

1987 Richard Duran, Wasco and Juan Romero, Arvin

1986 Thomas Valles, McFarland and Juan Romero, Arvin

1985 Jose Medina, Wasco and Thomas Valles, McFarland

1984 Eli Gonzalez, Highland

Boys Coach of the Year:

2008 Amador Ayon, Mcfarland

2007 Amador Ayon, Mcfarland

2006 amador ayon, mcfarland

2005 arrin reitz, foothill

2004 bernado salcido, golden valley

2003 anthony barnes, burroughs

2002 terry lewis, shafter

2001 jim white, mcfarland

2000 jim white, mcfarland

1999 jim white, mcfarland

1998 darin sundgren, north

1997 jim white, mcfarland

1996 terry lewis, shafter

1995 jim white, mcfarland

1994 jim white, mcfarland

1993 jim white, mcfarland

1992 jim white, mcfarland

1991 stan ingram, north

1990 nick velasquez, arvin

1989 jim white, mcfarland

1998 jim white, mcfarland

1987 jim white, mcfarland

BOYS CROSS COUNTRY: 2008 All-Area first team

Foothill — senior
Became a nationally recognized cross country star this season who lost only once — in the Division III state race — to California competiton. He rebounded to win the Western Regionals and finished eighth at the Foot Locker National Championships in San Diego.

Ridgeview — junior
Second-year runner led the Wolf Pack to an SWYL championship and placed eighth at the Central Section Division III championships in 16:43, then 75th at state in 16:28.

McFarland — senior
As the No. 1 runner on Kern County’s dominant team, he often led a pack of Cougars at the front of races. Finished second in the section’s Division IV race and 18th at state with identical 16:20 times.

McFarland — senior
The Cougars’ No. 2 runner won the East Sierra League championship in 15:51, then took third in the section race and 20th at state.

Wasco | senior
Finished sixth in the Central Section Division III race in 16:39, but his most impressive accomplishment came two weeks earlier, when he won his fourth straight South Sequoia League title.

McFarland — sophomore
The youngest Cougar starter finished third at the East Sierra League meet and fourth at the Kern County championships and Central Section meets. He was 30th at state.


Marco Camargo, junior, McFarland

Alex Garcia, junior, Ridgeview

Curtis Kelly, freshman, Stockdale

Francisco Nava, sophomore, McFarland

Brian Solis, junior, Ridgeview

Jake Van Zandt, junior, Highland


Bakersfield: Andrew Ariey

Garces: Connor O’Malley

Highland: Colin Lewis, Thomas Turner

McFarland: Gerardo Alcala, Eduardo Bautista

Ridgeview: Jerrid Lewis

Shafter: Christian Barrios, Jesus Villapondo

GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY: 2008 All-Area first team

Ridgeview — sophomore
The 800-meter specialist in track added cross country with great success, winning the Kern County championships and the SWYL, and finishing third in the Central Section’s Division III race. The Wolf Pack won all three of those team titles.

Bakersfield — sophomore
Won her second straight SEYL championship and was the top Division I runner in the county. Finished 25th in the section’s D-I race in 20:45.

Foothill — sophomore
A third-place finish at the Division II section meet (20:04) was more than enough to make her the Trojans’ first girls state qualifier this century. She was second in the SEYL in 18:51 and 108th at state.

East — junior
Even though the Blades didn’t field a full team, she was at the forefront of most meets, including a third-place finish in the SEYL (18:55) and fourth place at the D-II section meet (20:08).

Garces — junior
Took fifth in the Southeast Yosemite League meet and proceeded to get stronger, running 19:53 for second place at the D-II section meet and 20:18 at the state meet for 127th.

Shafter — senior
Champion of the Wolf Pack Invitational and the South Sequoia League and runner-up at the Kern County championships. Finished sixth in the Division III section race.


Desiree Armendariz, Ridgeview

Nichole Berry, Highland

Ashley Duran, Ridgeview

Jessica Huizar, Ridgeview

Cecelia Lopez, North

Megan Thompson, Taft


Arvin: Tanya Hernandez

Bakersfield: Emily Shoford

Burroughs: Jenny Durtschi, Jennifer Speer

Independence: Acacia Ingram

McFarland: Corina Garcia, Kelly Torres

Shafter: Mariah Millwee

Stockdale: Caroline Henry, Courtney Moore, Amber Nelson

Wasco: Alejandra Gutierrez

Runner of the Year: Chris Schwartz

Foothill, junior

First Kern County runner to win Division I state cross country title.

Placed first in 12 straight meets from Sept. 26 through the Nov. 24 state meet

One of only 15 juniors in the nation to qualify for the Foot Locker National Cross Country Championships in San Diego

Alfonso Cisneros

McFarland, junior

Finished second in Kern County, third in the Central Section and sixth at the Mount San Antonio College Invitational

Placed second in Southwest Sierra League

Cody Gragg

North, senior

Took home titles at Wolfpack Invitational, McLane Invitational and Golden West Invitational before winning Southwest Yosemite League

Ran 16:00 in Central Section meet, qualifying for the state meet

Jesus Gomez

McFarland, senior

Finished sixth in Kern County, third in Southwest Sierra League and 10th in Central Section Division IV finals

Placed sixth in Central Section individual meet to advance to state

Oscar Fuentes

East, junior

Second in Southeast Yosemite League in 16:08

Second in Central Section in 16:39

Ran 17:09 at state meet in Div. II

photo album HERE

boys runner of the year 1984-2006

Coach of the Year: Amador Ayon, McFarland

Ayon guided McFarland to its 17th straight Central Section title (20th overall) and a third-place Division IV finish at the state meet.

Ayon said the key to McFarland’s success was a hard-working group of runners.

“The highlight of the season was the whole season. Every single day was enjoyable to me,” Ayon said. “These kids were there every day. My assistant coaches were incredible.”

McFarland placed five runners in the top 10 at the Central Section Div. IV meet. Earlier in the season, McFarland cruised to the title at the Kern County Championships against county schools of all sizes by placing six runners in the top 9.

McFarland had only one senior on this year’s team, No. 1 runner Jesus Gomez, and a solid crop of prospects are in the local junior high. “The cupboard is not bare by any stretch of the imagination,” Ayon said.

boys coach of the year 1987 to 2006

Second team All-Area

Eddie Garcia, McFarland

Arturo Ramirez, Centennial

Angel Moreno, Highland

Talon Reed, Liberty

Gerardo Alcala, McFarland

Marco Perez, McFarland

Honorable mention

Burroughs: Caleb Rosales

Bakersfield: Andrew Ariey

Centennial: James Diller

Frontier: Michael Golich

Garces: Conner O’Malley

Golden Valley: Robert Quintero

Highland: Colin Lewis, Andrew McCay, Thomas Tuner, Jake Van Zandt

McFarland: Eddie Bautista, Marco Camargo, Jose Gomez, Francisco Nava

Ridgeview: Robby Baker

Shafter: Joshua Wittenberg

Stockdale: Michael Bernaba

Tehachapi: Chris Sanchez

West: Tesfa Habebo

Wasco: Asencion Mendoza

Schwartz stepped up on big stage
BY JEFF EVANS, Californian staff writer
e-mail: | Thursday, Dec 27 2007 8:30 PM
Last Updated: Thursday, Dec 27 2007 8:35 PM

Chris Schwartz was the first Kern County runner to win a Division I state cross country championship in the 21-year history of the state meet, and that wasn’t even Schwartz’s biggest highlight of the season.

Photo by Casey Christie / The Californian
Foothill High’s Chris Schwartz, right, outsprints, Trabucco Hills’ Riley Sullivan near the finish line in Fresno, during the state championship cross country match. Schwartz took first and Sullivan came in second.
“Going to the nationals was my highlight,” said Schwartz, a junior at Foothill High School who is The Californian’s All-Area Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year.

“And I had my worst day ever at the nationals,” Schwartz added, referring to his 37th-place finish at San Diego’s Balboa Park in early December at the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships.

But Schwartz, 17, already had an outstanding season prior to that meet.

He was the dominant Kern County runner all season, including easy wins at the Kern County Championships and the Southeast Yosemite League meet.

Schwartz captured the Division I Central Section championship at Woodward Park, clocking 15 minutes, 31 seconds over the 5-kilometer course.

The state meet followed two weeks later.

With all eyes focused on co-favorites Riley Sullivan from Mission Viejo-Trabuco Hills and Brett Walters from Hesperia-Sultana, Schwartz used a late-race kick to pull ahead and win the race in 15:13, one second faster than Sullivan and eight seconds faster than third-place finisher Walters.

“I was planning to finish in the top-5, and I won,” Schwartz said.

The state meet marked the 12th straight race Schwartz had won, dating to a Sept. 26 triangular meet at Foothill.

Schwartz credited maturity and advice from Foothill track assistant coach Paul Contreras as the catalysts for his special cross country season.

“My track coach from last year (Contreras) helped me with pacing,” Schwartz said. “I couldn’t have done it without pacing.”

Schwartz, a state track meet qualifier last spring in the 3,200 meters, said he’s a stronger cross country runner.

“The further the distances, I’m much better,” he said. “I can’t outrun people. I’m more of a long-distance runner.”

Schwartz calls the late Steve Prefontaine, one of America’s greatest distance runners, as an idol who keeps him motivated, even though Prefontaine died in a 1975 automobile accident, many years before Schwartz was born.

“I know he died before I was born, but I want to catch his time,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz placed seventh at the West Regionals following the state meet, which qualified him for the Foot Locker national championships in San Diego. He was one of 40 of the top runners in the nation invited to the meet.

At the regionals, he out-kicked Sullivan again, “just like the state meet,” Schwartz said, and was the second-fastest runner from California.

He said he was one of only seven juniors at the Foot Locker meet.

“I was kind of surprised to make it,” Schwartz said. “I was the only junior making it from the Western Region.”

Schwartz is already planning to run in the Foot Locker meet next season.

“Next year I won’t be as nervous and I’ll know the course more. And most of the kids who will be coming will be running it the first time, or I ran against them this year.”

Runner of the Year: Candace Carlson

North, junior

Had top times for girls from Kern County at the state and Central Section championships

Beat all Kern County girl runners head-to-head all season

Third consecutive first team All-Area pick

Placed first at Kern County Championships at Hart Park

Brianna Diaz

Delano, senior

Won Division II Central Section race to qualify for the state meet

Set Delano course record of 18:11

Was undefeated in East Yosemite League and Central Section

Ashley Nolasco

Stockdale, senior

Became second Stockdale runner in coach Bree Tape’s five-year tenure to reach Division I state meet

Second team All-Area in 2006

Ran 19:08 at Mount San Antonio College Invitational

Cassandra Salazar

Stockdale, senior

84th at state meet in Division III

Ran 18:04 at South Sequoia League championship, beating school record by 1:35

First team All-Area in 2006

Ashlee Thomas

Centennial, senior

Fourth in Central Section Division II race, leading Golden Hawks to team title

Fifth in SWYL meet

Personal record in 5-kilometer race is 20:00

Elizabeth Wittenberg

Shafter, junior

Qualified for the Division III state meet

Finished second behind teammate Cassandra Salazar at Atascadero Invitational and the Central Valley Championships

photo album HERE

girls runner of the year 1984-2006

First team All-Area in 2006

Coach of the Year: Randy Jones, Centennial

A blend of newcomers with veterans helped Centennial win its fifth Central Section girls cross country team title in the 10-year career of coach Randy Jones.

Jones earned The Californian’s All-Area girls cross country coach of the year honor for the third time in four seasons.

“Our boys (team) got one (a Section title) this year, too. It’s been a good run,” said Jones, who resigned as Centennial’s cross country coach but will continue to coach track and field.

Centennial won the Division II girls section title by placing five runners in the top 10. The Golden Hawks scored 33 points to easily outdistance Visalia-Golden West’s 63.

“That was our goal all season,” Jones said of the section meet. “We wanted to win that valley meet. I set up our training for that meet. We tried to peak there and we did.”

girls coach of the year 1987 to 2006

Second team All-Area

Lizzy Baker-Steimer, Centennial

Sarah Baker, Bakersfield

Halie Meadow, Frontier

Natalie Fernandez, Foothill

Ruby Lara, McFarland

Carolyn Haney, Stockdale

Honorable mention

Centennial: Jessica Crow, Kelsey Dahl, Rachel Tiner

East: Sophia Garcia

Garces: Monica Guzman

Golden Valley: Hanna Rocha

Highland: Denise Mercado, Angelina Roman

Foothill: Perla Veloz

McFarland: Corina Garcia

Ridgeview: Jessica Huizar, Yesmin Tanguma

Shafter: Cassandra Carillo, Amy Waters, Elizabeth Wittenberg

Stockdale: Brianne Curtis, Jessica Miller, Amber Nelson, Shelbe Penner

Tehachapi: Emily Leming, Sarah Whitson

Taft: Melinda Magee

Wasco: Alejandra Gutierrez

Carlson put together a dominant run
BY JEFF EVANS, Californian staff writer
e-mail: | Thursday, Dec 27 2007 8:30 PM
Last Updated: Thursday, Dec 27 2007 8:35 PM

Candace Carlson proved to be unbeatable against Kern County opposition this season.

Carlson, a junior at North High School, was the dominant girls runner in the county and has been selected as The Californian’s All-Area Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year.

“I’m excited. That’s awesome,” Carlson said after learning she’s been named the top runner.

She is the second North runner to win the honor in three seasons. Amanda Montgomery won in 2005 when Carlson was a freshman.

“It’s cool following in her footsteps,” Carlson said.

Carlson said her best race of the season came at the Oct. 27 Kern County Championships, where she blistered the 3-mile Hart Park course in 18 minutes, 9 seconds.

“That was my best time at Hart Park,” she said. “I felt so good that race.”

Carlson took the lead by the midway point of the race and steadily pulled away. She sped up and crossed the finish line in a sprint.

“I didn’t have any competition (that day), but even when you don’t have anyone to run with, you have to run for yourself,” she said.

Carlson won the Southwest Yosemite League individual title with a time of 18:52 at Hart Park, then placed fourth at the Central Section Division I race at Woodward Park in Fresno with a time of 19:04.

At the state meet two weeks later, her time was 19:28 — still faster than any other Kern County runner at the state meet but a disappointment to Carlson. She had a 19:14 on the same course at the state meet her sophomore year.

“I thought I would do a lot better the last two races this season, but I can’t be disappointed,” Carlson said.

She acknowledged it was difficult running among a pack of runners after often being alone ahead of everyone during Kern County races.

“You’re used to winning to having so many girls around you,” Carlson said. “It’s going to get into your head and break down your spirit a little bit.

“But that happens to everyone. I think I’m getting adjusted to it.”

One hurdle Carlson said she’ll need to overcome is the mental aspect of running at Woodward Park.

“That course is really hard for me, whenever I run there,” she said. “It seems like every time I’m there, I’m facing intense competition, which doesn’t help.”

Carlson said her goal is continued improvement next year, which she hopes will lead to a college athletic scholarship.

“My coaches all tell me I have a lot of potential,” she said. “I’m excited to see what I can do.”

Time-wise, she said she’d like to chop about 30 seconds off her time at Woodward Park while running below 18 minutes at Hart Park.

“I’m pretty excited for my senior year,” Carlson said. “If I can drop into the 17s, it gives me a lot of improvement from this year.

“That was my goal coming into this year, but I didn’t get my times down that low.”

She has taken a break from running in December but said she’ll be back running in January in preparation of track.

“I’ll start by running 5 miles a day, until I need to do some speed workouts,” Carlson said. “Track is different from cross country, of course. It’s hard to say what I prefer. It’s boring running eight laps around the track (for the 3,200 meters). The 1,600 goes so fast.”