Monday, March 9, 2009

Driller's 4 x 800 splits at the EB Invite 09

The photo time code splits have Edquist in 2:08, Holt in 2:12, Harris in 2:15 and Ariey in 2:12. As with the girls race, the first leg is short and the last leg is a long because the handoffs are not at the start/finish line. These splits come out to 8:49. The meet recorded them as 8:56 but I think their time was miss read. I believe they ran 8:50 and the "0" was missed read as a 6. This jives with them being 4 seconds behind Foothill at the finish and Foothill's time was 8:45.

Lady Driller's 4 x 800 splits at the EB Invite

Since I shoot most races, I can not get splits and shot at the same time. But I do have the time codes on the photos to get an idea of what the splits are.

I have Lerma running 2:43, Storslett 2:38, Breaschler 2:45 and Baker running 2:28. Baker's 800 would be more like a 810 because the handoffs are not made at the line.

These times add up to 10:34, which is the time they ran.