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Meet Recap:

Boy's Field Coverage HERE.
Girl's Track & Field Coverage HERE.

The Stockdale girls lead by Alex Collatz's first in the discus and second in the triple jump and her team mate Carolin Haney's third in the 1600 and second in the 3200 took the team title.

The Golden Hawks won a super close one and were lead by Christian King's first in the 300h and second in the 110h, their win in the 1600 relay (they were 20009 valley champs) and good showings in the field events.

Varsity - Mens
6.Liberty - BakersfieldLIBR40
7.Golden ValleyGLVA38
10.West BakersfieldWSTB19
14.North BakersfieldNORT11.5
15.Garces MemorialGARC8
17.East BakersfieldBAEA2
18.Mira MonteMiMo.75

400m Relay: 1. Bakersfield High 43.13 2. Centennial 43.19 3. Ridgeview 43.89;

The Bakersfield High boys 400 relay team bested Clovis-Buchanan's previous valley best time of 43.30 from last Saturday. They were anchored by Michael Norwood who won the 100/200 as well.

1600m Run: 1. Lewis, H. 4:33.78; 2. Kelly, St. 4:36.94; 3. Garcia, R. 4:41.21;

Colin Lewis is the best returning 1600 runner in town and he showed that he plans to keep that standing. Not far behind him was Curtis Kelly who came in tenth at the USA Track & Field National cross country meet in the snow in Reno back in December.

1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Colin Lewis4:33.78aHIGH12
2Curtis Kelly4:36.94aSTOC10
3Alex Garcia4:41.21aRIDG12
4Cesar Patino4:41.34aWASC10
5Robby Baker4:41.92aRIDG12
6Daymon Sandles4:42.01aGLVA11
7Art Mendoza4:44.71aWASC10
8Cameron Miller4:48.56aSTOC10
9Conner Fisher4:48.88aSTOC9
10Alex Moreno4:49.19aSHAF11

110m Hurdles: 1. Maestre, So. 15:11; 2. King, C. 15:59; 3. Farris, St. 16:20;

110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1 Richie Maestre 15.11a SOUT 12
2 Christian King 15.59a CNTE 10
3 Craig Farris 16.20a STOC 12
4 Armando Mungia 16.33a GLVA 12
5 Zech Browden 16.66a BAKE 12
6 Oscar Gomez 16.88a WASC 12
7 Shane Thulin 17.16a Fron 10
8 Shane Monahan 17.68a LIBR 12
9 Keith Fingers 18.26a BAKE 12
10 Josh Poonyo 18.97a WSTB 10

400m Dash: 1. Lewis, R. 50.23; 2. Hobson, R. 51.67; 3. Hobbs, R. 51.90;

"I felt good today," Jerrid Lewis said. "I was thinking about running the mile, but I thought I'd get some speed work in and run the 400. I did pretty well." I would say so, the 400/800 double is a tough one especially since the two events are so close to each other on the schedule.

Already the defending valley champ in the 800, perhaps he will attempt the 400/800 double that Ashlee Rae Thomas of Centennial did at the 2007 valley meet.

400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Jerrid Lewis50.23aRIDG12
2Triandos Hobson51.67aRIDG12
3Correy Hobbs51.90aRIDG11
4Christopher Miller52.91aBAKE12
5Davis Loustalot52.96aFron11
6Jorge Zuniga53.38aWASC10
7Myren Moore53.67aCNTE12
8Kenny Sanders53.70aInde11
9Fred Wilson54.07aWSTB11
10Trey Warren54.26aBAKE11

100m Dash: 1. Norwood, B. 10:80; 2. Clayton, C 11:15; 3. Carter, R. 11:18;

Norwood won the 100/200 double and Adam Clayton helped Golden hawks win the team title with his second place finish. Third place Johnny Carter won the state triple jump title his freshman year 9he won tonight as well).

100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Michael Norwood10.80aBAKE12
2Adam Clayton11.15aCNTE12
3Johnny Carter11.18aRIDG11
4Matt Sumlin11.22aGARC12
5Luis Matos11.27aGLVA9
6Shawn Johnson11.30aCNTE11
7Deon Martin11.31aSTOC9
7Ramiro Barraza11.31aBAKE10
9Matt Turkington11.35aCNTE12
10DeShante Webber11.39aFron11

800m Run: 1. Lewis, R. 1:59.80; 2. Barger, F. 2:00.20; 3. Van Zandt, H. 2:01;

Defending valley champ Jerrid Lewis completed his difficult double with his second win of the night. Only the 100 separates the 400 & 800 on the schedule. Not far behind him was Caleb Barger who just missed breaking two minutes. In fifth place, was the top returning 3200 runner from Bakersfield, who is showing he has some foot speed as well.

800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Jerrid Lewis1:59.80aRIDG12
2Caleb Barger2:00.20aFron11
3Jake Van Zandt2:01.00aHIGH12
4Jonathon Mireles2:01.98aSHAF12
5Robby Baker2:03.13aRIDG12
6Thomas Turner2:04.07aHIGH12
7Jorge Zuniga2:07.43aWASC10
8Cesar Patino2:07.85aWASC10
9Mitchell Tenney2:09.11aLIBR11
10Daymon Sandles2:09.42aGLVA11

300m Hurdles: 1. King, C. 39:77; 2. Farris, St. 40:10; 3. Maestre, So. 41.32;

300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1Christian King39.77aCNTE10
2Craig Farris40.10aSTOC12
3Richie Maestre41.32aSOUT12
4Zech Browden42.46aBAKE12
5Shane Thulin43.49aFron10
6Justin West44.04aCNTE12
7Oscar Gomez44.33aWASC12
8Bryson Lockwood44.41aFron11
9Chris Sanchez45.15aSHAF12
10Keith Fingers45.24aBAKE12

200m Dash: 1. Norwood, B. 22:10; 2. Thieleke, W. 22:19; 3. Hunt, B. 22:51;

"I didn't know I was going to run that," Norwood said after the 100. "I just gave it my all. I have to give it up for Walter (Hunt) my buddy that jumped. He made me push harder to get what I got."

200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1Michael Norwood22.10aBAKE12
2Korey Thieleke22.19aWSTB12
3Walter Hunt22.51aBAKE11
4Thomas Grimes22.85aCNTE10
5Myren Moore23.06aCNTE12
6DeShante Webber23.14aFron11
7Bruce Jennings23.23aSTOC11
8Luis Matos23.31aGLVA9
9Kenny Sanders23.36aInde11
10Correy Hobbs23.48aRIDG11

3200m Run: 1. Kelly, St. 9:51.00; 2. Conner, St. 10:03.00; 3. Miller, St. 10:05.43;

Curtis Kelly lead his young team mates to a 1, 3 and 4th finish in the 3200. This past fall his cross country squad just missed qualifying for the state meet in the super tough division one. 4th place Cameron Miller did qualify as an individual to the state xc meet.

1 Curtis Kelly 9:51.00 STOC 10
2 Alex Garcia 10:02.68 RIDG 12
3 Conner Fisher 10:03.00 STOC 9
4 Cameron Miller 10:05.43 STOC 10
5 Daymon Sandles 10:05.78 GLVA 11
6 Jesus Villalpando 10:17.62 SHAF 11
7 Cesar Patino 10:23.43 WASC 10
8 Ivan Esquivias 10:32.90 HIGH 10
9 Moses Valdez 10:35.87 BAEA 10
10 Mike Jungo 10:36.75 HIGH 11

For More In Depth coverage of the following events please go HERE. For some reason I can't add to this page without deleting some of it!

1600m Relay: Centennial 3:29.06; 2. Bakersfield High 3:34.43; 3. Frontier 3:35.16;

Discus: 1. Mata, Fo. 142.03; 2. Cravens, L. 141.10; 3. Temple, L. 138.08;

Long Jump: 1. Mearse, F. 22-08.00; 2; Singh, I. 22-00.00; 3. Meadows, St. 21.08.00;

Pole Vault: 1. Ramay, L. 12-06.00; 2. Bemiller, C. 12-02.00; 3. Mojo, St. 11-06.00;

Shot Put: 1. Wallace, C. 46-03.00; 2. Temple, L. 44-10.00; 3. King, C. 44-07.00;

Triple Jump: 1; Carter, R. 48-7; 2. Mearse, F. 43-04; 3. Meadows, St. 42-06.00;

High Jump: 1. Eggenberg, St. 6-0; 2. Johnson, GV. 6-0; 3. Wemhoff, F. 6-0;

Varsity - Womens
6.Liberty - BakersfieldLIBR47.83
8.Golden ValleyGLVA42.5
10.North BakersfieldNORT26.5
11.West BakersfieldWSTB17.5
13.East BakersfieldBAEA14
15.Garces MemorialGARC6

400m Relay: 1. Independence 50.30; 2. Golden Valley 50.59; 3. Stockdale 51.93;

1600m Run: 1. Baker, B. 5:22.69; 2.Lynch, R. 5:2.97; 3. Haney, St. 5:34.88;

100m Hurdles: 1. Lee-McNeill, L. 16:38; 2. Ellis, Fr. 16:59; 3. Ingram, I. 17:28;

400m Dash: 1. Herron, H. 60:60; 2. Tanner, St. 61:62; 3. Lynch, R. 61:64;

100m Dash: 1. Andrews, I. 12:53; 2. Herring, R. 12:82; 3. Carlson, C. 12:83;

800m Run: 1. DeLaRosa, F. 2:27.95; 2. Lynch, R. 2:29.55; 3. Braughton, C. 2:30.40;

300m Hurdles: 1. Jackson, F. 46:27; 2. Ellis, F. 47:47; 3. Chesley, St. 49:37;

200m Dash: 1. Andrews, I. 25:58; 2. Herring, R. 26:44; 3. Lewis, W 26:59;

3200m Run: 1. Baker, B. 11:39.96; 2. Haney, St. 11:52.22; 3. Patel, St. 12:10; 1600m Relay: 1. Frontier 4:14.58; 2. Centennial 4:16.39; 3. Garces 4:21.74;

Shot Put: 1. Rasley, S. 45-4.75; 2. Torres, B. 34-6.50; 3. Flores, C. 32-7.50;

Triple Jump: 1. Jackson, F. 38-2.50; 2. Collatz, St. 37-4.50; 3. Tanner, St. 35-5.50;

High Jump: 1. Davis, L. 5-00.00; 2. Thomason, N. 4-10.00; 3. Richert, C. 4-06.00;

Discus: 1. Collatz, St. 180-09; 2. Rasley, S. 139.04; 3. Pendleton, C. 108-04;

Long Jump: 1. Scott, GV 17-08.00; 2. West, I. 16-00.00; 3. Tanner, St. 15-05.50;

VG Pole Vault: 1. Guiliano, St. 9-0; 2. Williamson, C. 8-0; 3. Hobin, St. 8-0;

Meet Preview:

This is the first local meet with a complete slate of events. This meet is a preview of the South Area meet that will be held in May that is the springboard for the championship season.

Some athletes to watch are:

Stockdale's Alex Collatz who threw a nation leading dicus throw last week at the EB Relays. She often competes in and wins the shot put, triple jump and high jump as well.

Speaking of the high jump, Garce senior Phillip McCullum is ranked in the top ten in the state and is looking to reach new heights this season as well as return to the state meet. He recently signed a letter of intent to compete at Cal Poly SLO next year.

Two recent Fresno State signees are expected to compete for Frontier. Taylor Jackson will be running the hurdles and Matt Darr will be throwing. I say expected to compete because even though Matt Darr is the returning state champ in the throws and made Frontier a team co-state champ in 2009, he has stated in the past that he may not defend his titles and focus on his future college football career. He is considered the best high school punter in the country.

In the sprints, the girl's side is wide open with the graduation of Driller Brushay Wandick. She is now running for CSUB and there is no clear cut successor. Liberty's Erica Wilcox is the fastest local 200/400 girl but has been injury plagued since last year.

The girl's distance races should be good ones with Ridgeview's Tijerra Lynch and Driller Sarah Baker continuing their rivalry from the fall cross country season. With three distance races on tap, they could end up not racing together but if they do, it will be a good one to watch. They are the covergirls on the Kern County Track & Field page.

Other cross country stars expected to do well in the distance races are Stockdale's Carolin Haney, Centennial's Jorey Braughton, and Liberty's Ashley Barton. As is often the case with girl's distance running, a unheralded freshman will probably show up to.

For example. last weekend at the Fowler Redcat relays, a Shafter freshman won both distance races. and she wasn't even on their cross country team this past fall. Shafter has three state cross country qualifiers and North lead by Kaylee Moyer has many good distance runners as well.

The boy's 800 will be a loaded one with 2009 valley champ Jerrid Lewis leading a large field of sub two minute half milers. Highland's Colin Lewis and Jake Van Zandt look to improve on their 2009 performances. Also Frontier's Caleb Barger and Stockdale's Stephen Burke will be in the mix as well.

The boy's 1600 & 3200 is wide open with the graduation of state champ Chris Schwartz. Much of the competition will come from cross country powerhouses Stockdale, Ridgeview and Highland.

Highland's Colin Lewis is the fastest returnee in the 1600 and Ridgeview's Robby Baker is the fastest 3200er. Others to watch for are Stockdale's Cameron Miller & Curtis Kelly and Ridgeview's Brian Solis and Alex Garcia.

SSL cross country champ Juan Calderon (Arvin) will be leading a strong contingent of SSLers (mainly from Shafter) in these races as well. The races will be even tougher if McFarland shows up.

In the boy's jumps, Ridgeview junior Johnny Carter looks to recapture his state champ crown from his freshman year in the triple jump. Frontier's Nolan Mearse just won the long and triple jump at the EB relays.

Lastly in the boy's sprints, look for Driller Walter Hunt and Matt Sumlin of Garces.

Track Events:

1 4:00 400m Relay VG
2 400m Relay VB
3 1600m Run VG
4 1600m Run VB
5 100m H Hurdles VG
6 110m H Hurdles VB
7 400m Dash VG
8 400m Dash VB
9 100m Dash VG
10 100m Dash VB
11 800m Run VG
12 800m Run VB
13 300m Hurdles VG
14 300m Hurdles VB
15 200m Dash VG
16 200m Dash VB
17 3200m Run VG
18 3200m Run VB
19 1600m Relay VG
20 1600m Relay VB

Field Events:

21 VG Shot Put 4:00
22 VB Discus
23 VB Long Jump
24 VG Triple Jump
25 VG High Jump
26 VB Pole Vault
27 VB Shop Put 6:00
28 VG Discus
29 VG Long Jump
30 VB Triple Jump
31 VB High Jump
32 VG Pole Vault

Place: Liberty High School – Patriot Stadium
925 Jewetta Ave. – Bakersfield, Calif. 93312
FAX 661-587-3713
Date: Friday, March 12, 2010
Time: 4:00 P.M.
Format: Championship Schedule of Events

Facility: Patriot Stadium has a “SOUTHWEST” All Weather surface on the track and all runways of the jumping areas. Competitors may not use any spikes other than 3/16” pyramid and will be certified for compliance at the time they check in for their event. NO Christmas tree spikes.
Deadline: Entries must be received via Athletic.Net by noon, Wednesday, March 10th.

Fees: Entry fees may be mailed in or brought with you the day of the meet. - $6.00 per athlete plus $10.00 per relay team, $200.00 max. per team. Entry fees must be paid before the start of the meet. Make checks payable to Liberty High School. Checks will be accepted at packet pick-up table the morning of the meet. Please provide a list of coaches with your entries.

Scratch/ All adds or scratches should be completed via Athletic.Net by meet deadline.
Adds: There will be no adds on the day of the meet. Scratches day of the meet must be completed with the “Clerk of Course” located directly below the press box before 2:45 p.m. meet day, or emailed in at an earlier time.
Envelopes: Envelopes may be picked up beginning at 2:45 p.m.. at the team gate at the northwest corner of the stadium. Please allow plenty of time for check-in in the event of problems.
Rules: This event will be run under all CIF Central Section Meet Rules. No sound systems or large stereos are allowed. No ice chests or glass containers are to be brought into the stadium. Athletes’ bags will be checked. First aid and water will be provided. No dressing facilities available. Appropriate sportsmanship will be expected of all participants.

NO electronic devices allowed inside the track or at other event sites.

Parking: Bus and van parking is available in the designated area of the North parking lot on Patrick Henry Drive. Coaches and athletes must enter through the gate at the northwest corner of the stadium only!

Admission: Adults $5.00
Students with ID $3.00
Children 5 & under Free

Entries: Competitors in each event will be seeded based on time/marks submitted. Marks submitted will be verified with meet officials. If meet information is not submitted the time/mark will not be accepted. Entries will be limited to 4 athletes per event per school.

Check-In: Competitors in track events must check in with the “Clerk of the Course” not later than final call. Event times are tentative; it is the athlete’s responsibility to check in as their event is called. There will be a table outside the Clerk of Course where spikes will be checked and sold. Field event competitors will check in at the event site. Once a competitor has checked in they will be held and escorted to the starting line. All warm-ups must be done outside the stadium in designated areas prior to check in. Athletes are to exit the stadium immediately upon completion of their event.

Events: Each athlete will receive 3 attempts in preliminaries. The top 9 will advance to a final for 3 additional attempts. Preliminary marks do carry over to the final. The finals immediately follow the prelims. There will NOT be prelims in the vertical jumps.
Heights: VG Pole Vault 7’ 0”
VB Pole Vault 9’ 0”
VG High Jump 4’ 6”
VB High Jump 5’6”
Heights will be increased in 2” increments.

Coaches: Coaches must remain outside the fences at the shot put, long jump, and triple jump areas during competition. Additionally, coaches may not be inside the track area for running events, or pole vault and high jump competitions. Failure to comply will result in disqualification of your athlete(s). Coaches must wear appropriate I.D. in order to have access to meet officials. There will be a Coaches Meeting at 3:30 at the field house – north end of the stadium.

Trainer: Liberty High will provide a training area for first aid, ice, and water. We ask that each school provide their own supplies over and above that.

Uniforms: All competitors must wear school issued uniforms. No jewelry or tape allowed per CIF rules. All relay teams must wear matching uniforms.

Passes: CIF passes will be honored with proper I.D. Working press will be admitted with I.D. and/or credentials. Each school limited to number given to Meet Director prior to date of meet. If that numer is not send in we will honor 4 passes for coaching staff.

Souvenirs: Meet programs will be available at reasonable prices at the front gate.

Concessions: Food and beverages will be available through the Booster Café.


1 Athletes should report to the “Clerk of the Course” 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event time. All runners will be issued hip numbers and must place them on their left hip. Field event competitors will report directly to their event site. All event times are tentative so athletes and coaches must listen for event calls and are responsible for reporting on time.

2 Medals will be awarded to the top three places in each event. Places will be announced and may be picked up by the coach at the end of the meet. Team and outstanding athlete awards will be sent out to winning schools the following week.

3. Coaches and athletes are reminded that the use of video equipment during competition in the field events, if the results of filming are made available during the competition, constitutes an illegal aide and can be grounds for disqualification. New this year – NO electronic devices such as cell phones, I-Pods are allowed in the competition area in possession of competitors.

4. The use of profanity during any event by the athlete or their coach may lead to disqualification of the athlete from the meet. Appropriate sportsmanship is expected of all coaches, athletes, and spectators. Violators will be escorted from the meet.

5. Coaches must remain outside the fences at the shot put, long jump, and triple jump areas during competition. Additionally, coaches may not be inside the track area for running events, or pole vault and high jump competitions. Failure to comply will result in disqualification of your athlete(s). Coaches must wear appropriate I.D. in order to have access to meet officials.

6. If a coach must talk to the meet referee they must notify an official and a meeting will be arranged in clerk area under the home side stands.

7. A three person Jury of Appeals will be available and will advise the referee on any decisions in question. The Referee will not be part of the Jury of Appeals. The decision of the Jury of Appeals will be final. Any appeal must cite the specific rule and be written and submitted by the coach to the Meet Referee. Judgment calls cannot be appealed per the rulebook.

8. No tape is be used to mark the runways. Please have relay teams remove any tape from the track after their event.

9. Implement weigh-in will open at 2:30 p.m. and close at 3:30 p.m. If the implement is not certified it will not be allowed in the competition. This will include shot puts, discus and pole vault poles.

10. For the safety of everyone please see that your team members do not bring glass containers into the stadium. No ice chests will be allowed into the stadium. Water and ice will be available to all participants.

11. Coaches and athletes must enter through the gate at the northwest corner of the stadium only!

Clovis Sprint Carnival 10'

Clovis Sprint Carnival
Saturday, February 27th, 2010 @ Clovis HS (CE)

The Bakersfield Drillers competed in this sprint relay event that is the day after the Buchanan Distance Classic.

2010 Results HERE.
2009 Coverage HERE.

Girls 1600 MEDLEY
1 Edison 4:27.6
2 Bakersfield 4:29.9

1 Laidley, J CW 49.2
2 Fair, E. Bakersfield 51.5

1 Okwelogu, N. CW 123'3
3 Haynes, T. TW 93'10
4 Arredondo Bakersfield 91'3
6 Delto...n, M Bakersfield 87'0.5
7 Farley, J. Bakersfield 86'7.5

Boys 4 X 100 RELAY
1 Buchanan (A) 43.2
2 Bakersfield 43.9

8 X 200 RELAY
1 Buchanan 3:06.1
4 Bakersfield 3:15.9

4 X 400 RELAY
1 Buchanan (A) 3:30.0
2 Clovis East 3:30.3
3 Bakersfield 3:34.4

1 Garcia, Noe Madera South 41.6
4 Browden, Zech Bakersfield 44.8
5 Fingers, Keith Bakersfield 45.2