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2012 Leona Divide Ultra Trail Run

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A trail running afternoon

Training in Arolla with 2012 Western States Champ

16 2 2000 in 2012

100 Mile Intrigue: Embracing the Unknown

100 Mile Intrigue: Embracing the Unknown

Eventually, the practice of running 100 miles may become so commonly attempted that a definitive best method will evolve and come to the surface, but I think this will be a sad day for the sport. So much of the intimidation, intrigue, and appeal of running 100 miles comes from the reality that none of us really know what we’re doing.

April 11, 2012 by

Ray Miller 50 Miler

 2012 Photos HERE.

since i hate paying for hotels and do not sleep very well in them, i drove down to the race in the early morning. i figure i would rather sleep in my own bed with my chugs and get some sleep instead of laying awake in some hotel.

so after some pasta from joseph's, i played some poker and then tried to get some sleep. i ended up sleeping from 10pm to 130am and then i was ready to go. the trip over was quick probably since i didnt have any stops and there is little traffic out there.

i got to the race a little after 4am and immediately saw keira and was the first one to park on the pch. it was kind of funny when i finally got back to my car 16 hours later that the only two cars there were mine and the guy parked next to me. we were the first at the party and the last to leave.

i am terrible with names but my parking lot mate has run leona divide and is a mountain climber too. he agree with me that the ray miller was brutal. he also told me that the young guy who free climbs el capitain was pacing his girlfriend in the race. alex honnold is a beast!

so back to the pre-dawn, i got my bib and swag and then tried to rest a bit in my car. this didnt really work so i went to the start area to stand in the porta pottie line (even though i didnt need to go). there were three pps and only a line of 8 people or so and one guy like 5th in line was complaining about how few there were! dude chill out, i have stood in longer lines in the middle of a marathon to use the pp. anyways that guy was annoying and i was glad to get away from him and his banter.

before i knew it was almost 6am and jimmy dean gave a great pre-race pep talk and then it was time to go straight up hill in the dark.of course any race at point mugu comes to a screeching halt about a quarter mile in because of the gully but hey it is all good. gives everyone a chance to socialize a bit and not go out to hard

i am glad i have done races here because going up the first canyon is a bit tricky and you can really get gassed if you go out to hard. so i let everyone go ahead and was dfl for the first mile or so. in the first mile we climbed 505 feet and i start to catch a few people. one poor gal was already rebooting and said she had been throwing up since 3am. i passed her several times till the 6 mile aid station, where i believe she decided to call it a day. i hope she did.

the next 2 miles also had 500 feet of climbing and this is where i caught my friend alison (see photo). we played leaf frog for about 15 miles before she ran away from me. she plans to do the leona 50 miler and hopefully we can run it together (it will be her first).  after the climbs, it is always nice to hit that meadow (it reminds me of jurrasic park) and try to make up some time on the cut off.
  • mile 1 at 1805
  • 2 at 1348
  • 3 at 1732
  • 4 at 1212
  • 5 at 1245
  • 6 at 1257
  • 7 at 1424
 there was a nice 300 foot climb to the aid station and i grabbed some soda and pretzels. there was a small climb out of the a.s.  and then we went down hill for a couple miles.
  • mile 8 at 1241
  • 9 at 1238
  • 10 at 1312
 after the descent, we had a 602 foot climb back to the aid station, then we headed back down to another grass valley where there was a water fountain.
  • mile 11 at 1930
  • 12 at 1341
  • 13 at 1329
too be continued ...

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Can you tell us a little about your condition and how long you have been dealing with it?
My condition is called cerebal palsy and I have been dealing with it since birth. CP  is a medical condition that targets various muscles and it's different for everybody. 

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SEYL/SYL League Finals Meet - Track & Field Meet

SEYL/SYL League Finals Meet - Track & Field Meet

2012 SYL & SEYL Girls Results

800 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Ariana Mariscal2:26.70aNORT11
2Kaylee Moyer2:27.78aNORT12
3Kathryn Vanderpoel2:27.92aGARC9
4Jessica Cruz2:27.96aGARC11
5Ashley Haycock2:30.32aHIGH10
6Janet Valenzuela2:40.69aBAEA11

Laura MrasikSCRFTHL12

Savannah BerrySCRHIGH10

Marriah GallegoSCRHIGH10

Jamie RyanSCRNORT9

Sindey GarzaSCRGARC9
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Leah Theroux2:33.63aWSTB11
2Kelly Hartfield2:38.14aWSTB11
3Orieth Rodriguez2:38.90aGLVA12
4Evelyn Martinez2:42.04aWSTB11
5Paola Silvestre2:48.46aGLVA11
6Diana Iniguez2:50.15aMiMo11
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Sydney Roman5:17.64aBAEA11
2Savannah Berry5:21.97aHIGH10
3Ashley Haycock5:27.24aHIGH10
4Kaylee Moyer5:32.56aNORT12
5Sindey Garza5:37.07aGARC9
6Jessica Cruz5:40.98aGARC11
7Janet Valenzuela6:06.10aBAEA11
8Estephani Perez6:17.60aFTHL11
9Jamie Ryan7:07.65aNORT9

Erika OchoaSCRHIGH11
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Lashya Morgan5:16.58aRIDG11
2Leah Theroux5:37.08aWSTB11
3Kelly Hartfield5:44.84aWSTB11
4Orieth Rodriguez5:58.30aGLVA12
5Alyssa Paul5:58.95aWSTB11
6Elizabeth Ramos6:55.62aSOUT11

Kimberly PerezSCRSOUT11

Diana IniguezSCRMiMo11
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Angel Valdez11:44.89aBAEA10
2Savannah Berry11:46.21aHIGH10
3Sindey Garza12:25.33aGARC9
4Estephani Perez13:46.61aFTHL11

Laura MrasikSCRFTHL12

Sydney RomanSCRBAEA11

Erika OchoaSCRHIGH11

Kate AbduvaliyevaSCRHIGH12

Jamie RyanSCRNORT9
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Lashya Morgan11:35.28aRIDG11
2Leah Theroux12:35.70aWSTB11
3Kelly Hartfield12:54.52aWSTB11
4Alyssa Paul13:22.38aWSTB11

Diana IniguezSCRMiMo11

Marlyn RiosSCRMiMo11

Elizabeth RamosSCRSOUT11

Kimberly HulloaSCRGLVA11

2012 SYL & SEYL Boys Results
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Alan Guardado2:08.75aNORT12
2Kris Torres2:09.50aHIGH12
3Jared Hansen2:09.84aHIGH11
4Daniel Pelham2:09.91aNORT9
5Taran Davis2:13.16aNORT12
6Elber Fuentez2:16.06aBAEA11
7Nick Pappin2:18.15aHIGH12
8Seth Garza2:21.13aGARC10
9Hawk Koloji2:24.41aGARC9

Jordan BennitSCRBAEA10

Ismael MolinaSCRFTHL10

Erick IsidoroSCRFTHL12
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Ivan Gonzalez2:03.81aRIDG11
2Tyler Moore2:04.26aWSTB10
3Daniel Aguirre2:06.16aWSTB10
4Anthony Gonzalez2:07.15aGLVA9
5Josh Barajas2:07.81aRIDG12
6Keylan Meneses2:09.61aWSTB10
7Francisco Mosqueda2:12.68aMiMo11
8Cristian Flores2:13.59aMiMo11
9Cutberto Avila2:16.44aGLVA11
10Kyle Cannon2:18.09aRIDG12

Jose AguilarSCRSOUT11

Marcus HubbardSCRSOUT12

Jesse SanchezSCRGLVA12
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Moses Valdez4:44.20aBAEA12
2Aaron Gonzalez4:53.02aGARC11
3Ethan Machado4:53.77aHIGH10
4Alan Guardado4:57.39aNORT12
5Ismael Molina4:58.49aFTHL10
6Elber Fuentez5:00.11aBAEA11
7Jessie Lopez5:01.34aNORT12
8Kris Torres5:02.54aHIGH12
9Seth Garza5:08.56aGARC10
10Erick Isidoro5:09.63aFTHL12
11Alberto Ramirez5:12.48aHIGH12
12Hawk Koloji5:21.34aGARC9

Michael DavalosDQNORT10

Jordan BennitSCRBAEA10
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Ivan Gonzalez4:31.80aRIDG11
2Gustavo DelCastillo4:32.36aWSTB10
3Tyler Moore4:40.91aWSTB10
4Keylan Meneses4:50.63aWSTB10
5Francisco Mosqueda4:52.16aMiMo11
6Pablo Castro5:03.32aGLVA11
7Cutberto Avila5:07.34aGLVA11
8Baltazar Ortega5:07.43aMiMo12
9Paul Gaytan5:10.77aRIDG11
10Jesus Meraz5:10.99aSOUT11
11Brandon Magno5:11.69aRIDG12
12Jose Aguilar6:21.99aSOUT11

Cristian FloresSCRMiMo11

Anthony GonzalezSCRGLVA9
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Ivan Esquivias10:09.84aHIGH12
2Moses Valdez10:16.04aBAEA12
3Brian Becker10:18.66aNORT11
4Aaron Gonzalez10:41.14aGARC11
5Ethan Machado10:55.94aHIGH10
6Jessie Lopez10:57.42aNORT12
7Ismael Molina10:58.45aFTHL10
8Erick Isidoro11:05.54aFTHL12
9Robbie Davalos11:11.15aNORT12
10Seth Garza11:27.81aGARC10
11Hawk Koloji11:58.24aGARC9

Alberto RamirezSCRHIGH12
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals  
1Gustavo DelCastillo10:09.47aWSTB10
2Ivan Gonzalez10:22.11aRIDG11
3Baltazar Ortega10:30.37aMiMo12
4Jessie Salas10:37.60aWSTB12
5Francisco Mosqueda11:11.14aMiMo11
6Jesus Meraz11:28.38aSOUT11
7Daniel Aguirre11:32.12aWSTB10
8Brandon Magno11:44.12aRIDG12
9Pablo Castro11:48.01aGLVA11
10Paul Gaytan13:22.92aRIDG11
11Jesse Sanchez13:53.68aGLVA12
12Alex Melendez14:04.48aGLVA12

2012 SYL Finals

Big Thanks to Theresa for her donation to the 100 EC

Foothill Invitational