Monday, July 28, 2014

FINAL INSTRUCTIONS -Six Days in the Dome


Belowis the final schedule and instructions for the Six Days in the Domerace. Please email me with any questions you have.

Sunday 3Aug:
Noon-1pm: Runners encouraged to come to The DOME for facilityfamiliarization (6501 Changepoint Dr, Anchorage, AK 99518)
2pm-5pm:Non-mandatory runner's social at Humpy's Anchorage (610 W 6th Ave,Anchorage, AK 99501)

Monday 4 Aug:
7-8am: REQUIRED bibpickup and runner check-in for all Monday races at The DOME
8am:6-Day/48/24 crew briefing
8:30am: 6-Day/48/24 runner briefing
9am: 6-Day,48HR, 24HR start

Friday 8 Aug:
7-8am: REQUIRED bib pickupand runner check in for 48HR at The DOME
9am: 48HR start

Saturday9 Aug:
7-8am: REQUIRED bib pickup and runner check in for 24HR atThe DOME
9am: 24HR start

Sunday 10 Aug:
9am: 6-Day,48HR, 24HR finish at The DOME
10am: Awards

Timing: The racewill be chip timed. Please ensure you check your chip with the timerprior to race start and ensure your chip logs each lap. Your name/lapwill come up on a display each time you cross the timing gate. It isthe runner's responsibility to alert the race staff if your timingchips stops working or does not appear to record a lap.

Records:The track has been certified by USATF and IAU. Race organizers willsubmit each record breaking effort to both organizations forratification. Records will be tracked real-time on the

Sleeping: There is a room set aside for sleeping only. Thisroom can be used 24hrs a day. Also, in the hours The Dome is closedto the public the infield can be used for sleeping. The race will NOTbe providing cots/sleeping pads/bedding. If you would like Joe or Ito pickup these items on your behalf before you arrive, pleasecontact us. We suggest you pre-order them for pickup at the Walmartat 8900 Old Seward Hwy. Light blocking masks and ear plugs areencouraged due to the large number of runners.

Restrooms: TheDOME restrooms will be used as the race restrooms. They are adjacentto the track. Showers are also available.

Food: 3 meals perday will be provided by the race for all runners. In addition, normalultra snack will be provided 24hrs a day. Meal times will be exactly8hrs apart and stay open for 2hrs. 4-6am, Noon-2pm, 8-10pm. The menuhas been created to provide variety and energy. All runners have beenemailed a sample menu. If you require food outside of this menu, youmust provide your own food. There is a 24hr grocery store 10min away.Crew members may eat runner meals for $5 per meal (sushi meal is $15)and crew members are encouraged to help race staff prepare the mealsas able. Reservations for crew meals MUST be made by Sunday 3 Aug toensure we have enough food. Food will NOT be taken into the infieldarea.

Drink: Water will be provided at the aid station. Due togreat number of sports drinks favored by runners, no sports drinkwill be provided. Soda will be provided. Drinks other than water willNOT be taken onto the infield.

Crew/Spectators: There is notcharge for spectators/crew. Please limit the number of crew in thecrewing area to two at any one time to allow room for all runner'screws.

Personal space: Tables will be setup for all runners toshare. Please respect others space by putting only what you requirefor the next several hours on the tables. Plenty of off-table storagewill be available for all your gear.

Rules: No pacing allowed.All runners/walkers are entitled to run/walk in Lane 1 provided theymaintain single file while running and pass with authority whenovertaking another runner. There will be no side by side “chitchatting” allowed on the inside lanes. If you want to chat withanother runner then move to lane 3 and yield lanes 1 and 2 to fasterrunners. Slower runners may choose to yield the inside lane to fasterrunners at any time. Runners MUST stay OFF the inside white line tobe considered for record submission. Aid will always be taken on theOUTSIDE of the track. If active runners enter the infield for anyreason, they MUST enter and depart at the exact same spot to ensureaccurate distance (it will be a marked corridor). Failure to use theinfield corridor may invalidate any record attempts.

Weather:60 degrees and light all day-every day!

Thank you,

Race Director