Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Special Guest

The Summer Series is probably my favorite local race, of course it is six races and that makes it unique. Plus the handicap part of the event makes it a lot of fun. Runners who never see each other in races get to literally bump into each at these events.

When the clock counts down to 30 minutes, hundreds are streaming to the finish line. Young, old, slow, fast, male or female, everyone is trying to get to the line before the horde over takes them.

Before the race and after the race, this diverse group mingles much more at the summer series then any other race. Before the event, I got to a chance to a very special guest. Tyler Condie (photo) was sitting near the water tents with his family around him and his dog. He was there to support his sister Andi and it was good to see him.

Less then a month ago, Tyler was hit by a car at the Howlin at the Moon and he looked really good. he had scars on his knees and a steel rod in one but no casts or bandages. Amazing when one considers he was hit by a car going 40 plus miles and hour. I told him and his family (they are going back to Quatar), to please keep in touch and I fully expect him to run in another race in the near future.

Since I had no chance of improving my overall standing in the series, I decided to shoot the starts and the finish instead of running and shooting the event. While shooting, I got to talk to Coach Setzer (Ridgeview) and we spoke about my Bakersfield Distance Project club.

Fall practice for my youth team will begin very soon. More then likely, it will be on Tuesday and Thursdays before my running camp practices at Yokuts Park in the evenings. Plus we will meet with my running camp on Saturdays.

To join, you will need to join the USATF and be born in 1991 or earlier. Youth competitions typically take place in two-year age divisions. These age divisions provide young athletes the opportunity to compete with other athletes of similar ability. When you join please indicate that you are a member of the Bakersfield Distance Project (USATF Club # 46-0902.

We will be training for the qualifying cross country meets that are held in Novemeber. This year's National Championship will be held in Reno,CA. BDP athletes will also compete in their local school events and some local road races as well.

I also got to talk to Shafter's coaches and North's, both are looking forward to the upcoming season. Another coach that is really excited for the cross country season to start is CSUB's Robert Boyles who picked up a couple gals from Riverside and North High that should be great additions to an already strong vetern squad.