Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The 343rd Annual Phantom Pie Run

It was cold and dry this year at the Phantom Pie Run. According to John Rous this might have been the largest crowd ever. He said last year was the first time it had rained on the event.

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I asked John (One of the founders of the Pie Run and the McDonalds/Bagels & Blenders Runs) when all this started and he said in the early 70s. He and some friends started meeting to run at West High and then went to McDonalds on Ming for coffee afterwards. Then they realized that they should just run from McDonalds.

This daily 5am run moved to Bagels & Blenders when Rick Hixson opened his shop on Coffee and Stockdale. Some time in the early 70s, they decided to meet for a run on Thanksgiving day and John's wife baked a pumpkin pie for him and the rest is history.

Run Preview:

Last year it was raining hard as I drove in the dark to this event and was shocked at how many still showed up! So head out early on Thanksgiving day to meet and greet lots of fellow endurance junkies and be prepared for lots of reunions.

Oh and you can run too! So when you come back, you can eat some of the pies! The fun starts around 6am.

Herb Benham's description of the event:

The 343rd annual Pie Run (even John Rous is not that distinguished) is scheduled for Thanksgiving morning at Hart Park. The pie run has been happening for close to 30 years. It’s more love your neighbor, meet-and-greet and welcome the day than it is a race.

Run or walk. Dogs are welcome (leashes are recommended unless you’re Kenny Reed and you have the world’s best-behaved dog).

Meet at Hart Park at first light (around 6 a.m.). Park. Put your pie, cookies, fruit, hot dish on the picnic tables.

Walk or run a mile, six miles, whatever. Return to the park to a real wood fire, coffee, juice and good things to eat.

Bakersfield loves a potluck.