Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Now We Are Cooking!

You knew it was coming and by the lower turnout for the third installment of the BTC summer series, summer has arrived. The heat and summer vacations reduced the field size (about 300) and the speed of the field too.

I decided to walk the entire way and I saw many who should of followed in my footsteps. The heat really zaps many people and plays havoc with their pacing.

Race 3 - 6/30/09
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Former Driller Zach Holt ran the same time as Oscar (18:18 / 27:55). Zach is training for his first marathon this month in San Francisco and will be running for BC this fall. In 22nd, was a current Driller, Emily Shuford who ran 24:17 / 28:32. Other former or current Drillers were:
  • 32nd - Scott Van Matre (26:07 / 28:57) who is David's little brother and a future Driller.
  • 43rd - Joel Cardoza (21:17 / 29:15) a former Driller.
  • 50th - Chris Anderson (21:06 / 29:33), my son who will be attending UCSB this fall.
  • 131st - Sarah Baker (25:46 / 31:19) who is a two time SEYL cross country champ for the Drillers.
  • 134th - David Van Matre (21:14 / 31:21) who will be leaving Cal Poly SLO for his Mormon mission this fall.
  • 175th - Maggie Baker (29:06 / 32:31) who is Sarah's speedy little 11 year old sister. Their mom ran 29:43 / 33:45 because the puppy would not go any faster.
  • Clocking the fastest new runner time was Andrew Ariey who ran 17:40. He plans on running for Cal Poly SLO this summer with state champ Chris Schwartz.
In 24th place was Robert Scales (40:10 / 28:38) who moved into second overall in the series.

In 34th place was senior Jessica Huizar of Ridgeview whose team won a valley xc title last fall. Other Ridgeviewers were:
  • 78th - Brandon Magno (So) (20:17/30:08)
  • 95th - Alex Garcia (Sr) (17:52/30:29) helped his team go undefeated in duals and won an SWYL crown in 2008.
  • 119th - Robby Baker (Sr) (17:37/30:59) qualified for the state meet in xc last fall. His mom, Danette came in 56th (33:59/29:41).
  • 171st - Tino Romero (22:56/32:21) graduated this year
Former Blade, Oscar Fuentes came in 16th (18:18 / 27:55) while current East High harrier Camilo Mosqueda came in 57th (19:09/29:43). Other rent Blades include:

North High sophomore Kaylee Moyer came in 61st in a time of 26:43/29:53, while her teammate Adam Ralls ran 22:32/31:44 for 158th place. A former Star and retired BPD officer Steve Humphreys came out and ran his first race in a time of 34:18. Steve a few years ago was running sub three hour marathons.

The fastest time of the night was posted by former Golden Valley and BC runner Cesar Mireles who ran 16:44/29:59 which is a very good time considering the heat and the very crowded homestretch. Another speeedster was David Bacus in 17:25/29:35 and CSUBers Eddy Lee 17:45/30:29 and Ryan Lucker 17:40/30:31.

Speaking of CSUB, former Road Runner great and wife of CSUB coach Robert Boyles, Pam Boyles came in 79th in a time of 22:21/30:15. Other CSUBers included:
Lastly, BTC posted the best scratch times so far and Robby Baker (Ridgeview Sr) is the fastest male (16:37) and Brooklan Rosales (former Centennial, BC and Wyoming athlete) who ran 20:56.

Best Scratch Times As of Race 3

1 Robby Baker 16:37.5
2 Cesar Mireles 16:44.0
3 Ryan Lucker 17:09.0
4 Eddy Lee 17:16.0
5 Alex Garcia 17:23.0
6 David Bacus 17:25.0
7 Curtis Kelly 17:28.0
8 Roberto Quintero 17:38.0
9 Andrew Ariey 17:40.5
10 Ismael Arzola 17:49.0

  1. Brooklan Rosales 20:56.0
  2. Kate Patrick 21:03.0
  3. Cecilia Lopez 21:17.0
  4. Ashley Barton 21:33.0
  5. Lori O'Lin 21:37.0
  6. Lina Nunez 21:50.0
  7. Pam Boyles 22:06.0
  8. Connie King 22:49.0
  9. Erica Silva 22:53.0 23
  10. Birinder Aujla 22:54.0