Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nice Sweep by the Mustangs

Stockdale has been mentioned as one of the top four teams in the valley in division one and today they showed why. Their boys and girls squads sweep the team titles. The boys also won the JV team title and their girls came in second in the JV race.

In the boys race, Blair Slaton (15:52) took the win and his team mate Kelly came in 3rd (16:04). The key to their team win was Miller's 6th place (16:22) and Fisher's 8th place (16:30) finish. While most know Slaton, Kelly and Burke (15th overall at 16:56) from track and previous cross country seasons, Miller and Fisher really stepped up big time at this season opener.

Besides having their top 5 in the the top 15, they also won the JV race over Frontier. If Ridgeview attended, it would have been an interesting battle for the team title.

On the girl's side, the Mustangs were lead by Haney (19:57) who came in fourth and was followed by her team mate Nelson (20:11) . Newcomer Patel came in 8th (20:30) and then there was a gap to their fourth athlete Jones (22:14) who came in 19th.

The Drillers had four in before Stockdale had their fourth but as was the case last year, BHS has not found a fifth runner and ended up losing 61 to 84. With four runners in, the score was Stockdale 34 and BHS 39. Stockdale's 5th came in 27th and BHS's came in 45th. These two squads are in division one so come November it will be interesting to see if the drillers find a 5th girl. A Stockdale athlete also won the JV race and they came in second in the JV race.