Friday, October 2, 2009

Do Not Miss This SWYL Showdown!

Today was the battle between the undefeated and it lived up to the hype. All three squads had large numbers and there were a lot of fans at the meet too. Zach Ewing from the paper was there to report on the meet as well. His accurate scoring of the meet as soon as the last scoring runner came in was appreciated.

2009 photos HERE.

The course was very well marked and much of the race could be seen from the visitor stands. A nice touch at this meet was Coach Setser (Ridgeview) introduced each varsity athlete as they took the starting line. Many of the athletes did not know what to make of this and that made the gesture even better.

In the girls race, Lynch took the early lead as expected but the team battle was behind her. As the race entered the last mile it looked as though Ridgeview had the win but coming down the homestretch things changed. Amber Nelson caught and passed a couple Ridgeview runners and Carolin Haney ran a gutsy race (she was very sick).

As I looked over Ewing's shoulder we both did the math and got 28 for Stockdale and after a few errors we got 28 for Ridgeview. Then we double checked because many thought the girl's race would not be very close. But it was a tie! So the race came down to the 6th runner and Stockdale was the winner.

In the boys race, Stockdale tried to stay up with Ridgeview's top guns early on but could not hang on. Alex Garcia and Robby Baker of Ridgeview (Alex won the sprint)) entered the track together with a sizable lead over Blair Slaton and Curtis Kelly of Stockdale. In the end, Ridgeview's top 4 where too much for Stockdale to overcome.

Girl's team score -- Stockdale 28, Ridgeview 28, with the underdog Mustangs the winner on sixth runner.

Ridgeview's Tijerra Lynch, finished in 18:55, about 20 seconds off her best. Stockdale's Riddhi Patel was second in 19:43, and Ridgeview's Desiree Aremendariz next in 19:49. With Tori Blackmon, fourth in 19:50, and Nelson, Stockdale's No. 4 runner (running with a hip-flexor injury) finished fifth in the race in 20:10.

Ridgeview held off Stockdale 24-31 in the boys showdown between the teams, with Wolf Pack teammates Alex Garcia (15:39) and Robby Baker (15:40) neck-and-neck for the top two spots.
Stockdale's Blair Slaton (16:11) and Curtis Kelly (16:12) were third and fourth.

Boys cross country

Ridgeview 24, Stockdale 31; Ridgeview 15, South 49; Stockdale 15, South 50

At Ridgeview (Wednesday)

1. Garcia, R, 15:39; 2. Baker, R, 15:40; 3. Slaton, St, 16:11; 4. Kelly, St, 16:12; 5. Lewis, R, 16:15; 6. Soliz, R, 16:18; 7. Fisher, St, 16:22; 8. Miller, St, 16:24; 9. Bourke, St, 17:20; 10. Madrigal, R, 17:24.

JV--Stockdale 22, Ridgeview 33; Ridgeview 16, South 47; Stockdale 15, South 48

FS--Ridgeview 23, Stockdale 34; Ridgeview 15, South 45; Stockdale 15, South 48

Girls cross country

Ridgeview 15, South 49; Stockdale 15, South 50; Stockdale 28, Ridgeview 28 (Stockdale wins on sixth runner) At Ridgeview (Wednesday)

1. Lynch, R, 18:55; 2. Patel, St, 19:43; 3. Armendariz, R, 19:49; 4. Blackmon, 19:50; 5. Nelson, St, 20:10; 6. Morgan, R, 20:14; 7. Huizar, R, 20:18; 8. Haney, St, 20:47; 9. Jones, St, 21:09.

JV--Stockdale 15, Ridgeview 49; South 26, Ridgeview 31; Stockdale 15, South 46.

FS--Stockd. 26, Ridgev. 33.

Meet Preview:
Both squads are undefeated in SWYL duels and both squads have won invites on the boys and girls sides. But one thing have not done is race against each other this season. Well Wednesday at Ridgeview they will.

Both schools have run Woodward Park this season. The 5k course is where valley and state are held. Ridgeview ran their first meet of the year there and won the McLane Highlander Invite instead of running the EB Invite that Stockdale won. Last weekend, Stockdale won the Clovis West Invite at Woodward instead of competing at Ridgeview's Wolf Pack Invite where Ridgeview took a close second behind McFarland

Now comparing a first meet performance to Stockdale's more recent performance is not ideal but it was over 100 when Stockdale ran. With these factors in mind, below are the school's times:
  1. baker,robby 16:33 12 ridgeview
  2. kelly,curtis 17:05 10 stockdale
  3. garcia,alex 17:07 12 ridgeview
  4. miller,cameron 17:16 stockdale
  5. solis,brian 17:39 12 ridgeview
  6. slaton,blair 17:41 stockdale
  7. fisher,connor 17:47 stockdale
  8. lewis,jerrid 17:51 12 ridgeview
  9. pennel,seth 18:28 stockdale
  10. magno 18:30 ridgeview
A duel meet on paper would score:

Ridgeview - 1,3,5,8,10 for 27
Stockdale - 2,4,6,7,9 for 28

Next Wednesday, it ain't on paper! So don't miss this SWYL showdown at Ridgeview!

On the girl's side it will also be close. Again one is comparing a season opener meet to a recent meet but the weather was brutal for Stockdale. One thing to also note is Patel ran in the frosh/soph race at Woodward for Stockdale and this week she won the double duel meet against North and Centennial.

Below are the team's Woodward Park times for this season:

  1. Lynch; 21:11; Ridgeview
  2. Huizar, 21:33 Ridgeview
  3. Carolin Haney Jr 103 12 22:02
  4. Armendariz, 22:24 Ridgeview
  5. Amber Nelson Jr 109 20 23:14
  6. Cynthia Lopez Jr 106 21 23:35
  7. Shelbe Pennel Sr 111 26 24:03
  8. Jennifer Hawthorne Jr 104 29 24:31
  9. Carr, 24.46 Ridgeview
  10. Morgan, 25:59 Ridgeview

Ridgeview 1,2,4,9,10,= 26
Stockdale 3,5,6,7,8 = 29

But if you factor in Patel's Woodward time:
  1. Lynch; 21:11; Rid
  2. Huizar, 21:33 Rid
  3. Riddhi Patel Fr 110 1 21:36
  4. Carolin Haney Jr 103 12 22:02
  5. Armendariz, 22:24 Rid
  6. Amber Nelson Jr 109 20 23:14
  7. Cynthia Lopez Jr 106 21 23:35
  8. Shelbe Pennel Sr 111 26 24:03
  9. Carr, 24.46 Rid
  10. Morgan, 25:59 Rid
Ridgeview 1,2,5,9,10 = 27
Stockdale 3,4,6,7,8 = 28

So needless to say both races show be really close baring any injuries or illness.

They plan to run 6 races. Which will allow for room at the start for all runners as well as a chance for our lower level kids to shine in their respective races. Below is the tentative schedule for races, if they can get ahead they will. .

F/S Girls 3:40
F/S Boys 4:00
JV Girls 4:15
JV Boys 4:40
V Girls 5:00
V Boys 5:25

Bakersfield South Rotary Presents...

The 9th Annual Ron Fontaine Memorial Dollars for Scholars Run will be held on Halloween day at CALM. The event is sponsored by Bakersfield South Rotary. Proceeds benefit Deserving seniors from Ridgeview, Stockdale and South High Schools. This scenic run along the Kern River and Lake Ming has become a local favorite over the years. Medals awarded to the top three finishers in each the 5 & 10K categories. T-shirt included with registration. Follow @ronsrun on Twitter.

When: Saturday, October 31st
Where: California Living Museum
Registration: 7:00-8:15 a.m.
Race Times: 8:30 a.m. (5 & 10K)
8:35 a.m. (1 mile)

Proceeds go to scholarships for Ridgeview, South and Stockdale High Schools!

Registration Fee (includes tee-shirt):
Adult (19+) Before October 26- $20.00
Student (18 and under) Before October 26- $10.00
Adult (19+) After October 26- $25.00
Student (18 and under) After October 26- $15.00
For questions or additional information please contact
John Lindsay (636-4625) or Pete Elieff (805-8500). Or
email us at ronsrun@gmail.

Race Preview:
This event is for a good cause and it is not your cut n paste race on the bike path. I had to cover a meet out of town last year but ran the event in 2007. It was the first time I had seen Chris Schwartz (photo) at a local road race and he ran the 10k for the first time too. This was the year he won his first state cross country title. That day he easily won the 10k btw.

The race starts at the CALM parking lot and goes down a closed road towards Lake Ming. In 2007 the 5k was out back from Lake Ming and the 10k was the same except one did a couple loops behind the lake. The loop ran on the bike path and then down on the trial that ran parallel to the bike path. The long uphill near the finish line made for an interesting finish.

Hopefully, after the awards, you will be able to drive over to Hart Park and watch the varsity races of the Kern County Invite as well.