Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Opps BC does it Again!

Tue, March 13, 2012 11:59:30 AM
Mike Gutierrez - Counselor
Andy Noise

I have been a student, parent, teacher and coach for many years and helped many through BC (including my wife and two sons). My middle son is a freshman at BC and with summer school, AP classes and a full load will be graduating soon.

Because of my past experience with your department and the inadequate website, I asked my son to get an appointment to make sure things are on track. Sure he is an adult but he wanted me to go because I have guided many through the college process.

Today he was called for his meeting and I got up to go with him. Mr Gutierrez did just about everything he could to get rid of me. He did not ask my son what he wanted and when I said I was there to make sure the right questions were asked and that the information needed was given, he just said he knew what he was doing and closed the door on me.

Yes I know you deal with helicopter pilot parents and technically my son is an adult. But I am putting him through school and do not want to waste any time or money. But I was rudely shut out of the meeting that I had requested.

I sat outside for what was a far to short meeting and then my son was done. I then spoke to Mr. Gutierrez privately about how rude and disrespectful he was and he still had that smirk on his face like he did when I asked to be in the meeting in the first place.

He dismissed my concerns about getting things done right and assured me he knew best. Well I have a past with you all and you do not know what is best. I have seen time and again where bad and / or the wrong advise is given.

I know when my son went into the meeting he was intimidated by Mr. Gutierrez because I have seen staff do this to young students all the time. They try to pull it on older students like my wife and friends and we call them on it.

Bottom line is he did not handle this situation professionally. He did handle it with a huge heaping of attitude and condensation. He thinks he knows it all and he doesn't. When I asked if he could guarantee his advise was good he of course could not.

He said that ultimately it was my son's responsibility, which is true and why my son wanted me there.

I am sure that this complaint will flow off your back like water on a duck's but I am writing this anyways. I doubt I am the first to complain about Mr. Gutierrez (and won't be the last) but at least he is getting older and will retire soon.

It amazes me how your department has disappointed and angered me for over three decades!