Thursday, November 21, 2013

Haney & top Central Section teams set for Valley Championships! | PrepCalTrack

Haney and top Central Section teams set for Valley Championships! | PrepCalTrack

At the front of the pack in the boys race should be Stockdale's Blake Haney, seeking to roll to another sectional crown, hopefully as a prelude to his first state cross country title nine days later.
      "The main goal (Thursday) is to put forth a good effort and help my team do well. Am hoping the team can make state," said Haney, who last June became only the second non-senior in California meet history to sweep the boys 1600- and 3200-meter crowns in the sport of track and field. "If I can win the race, that helps our chances even more."

2013 SWYL Mini-meet #3 Cross Country Meet

SWYL Mini-meet #3 Cross Country Results

Official Team Scores

4.Liberty - Bakersfi...92
1.12Blake Haney15:03.00Stockdale
2.12Brandon Kan15:52.00Frontier
3.12Tyus Thompson16:17.00Stockdale
4.11Kyle Lemminn16:20.00Frontier
5.10Miguel Morales16:21.00Liberty - Bakersfield
6.11Trevor Martin16:23.00Centennial
7.12Matthew Wells16:36.00Stockdale
8.11Keane Kelley16:37.00Stockdale
9.11Anthony Gonzalez16:39.00Independence
10.12Elbon Flanagan16:42.00Bakersfield

Official Team Scores

2.Liberty - Bakersfi...55
1.12Molly Pruett18:50.00Centennial
2.11Morganne Hill18:59.00Liberty - Bakersfield
3.10Jennilee Reyes19:18.00Frontier
4.9Cagnei Duncan19:19.00Liberty - Bakersfield
5.10Maggie Baker19:24.00Bakersfield
6.10Vanessa Cortes19:28.00Stockdale
7.10Abby White19:40.00Centennial
8.12Jenessa Reyes19:44.00Frontier
9.11Bailey Klepacki20:03.00Stockdale
10.12Christine Gutierrez20:17.00Centennial

Urban Trails

I often listen to people go on and on about running on the trails and how they can stand the thought of running on the streets. 

Well I do both and I think the streets can help your trail running both mentally and physically. You have to be alert on the streets just like you do on the trails and the hard surfaces will toughen your body.

Plus running the streets is like trail running in that it is not a steady run. You have to stop and go, avoid obstacles, chose the right path and some times make difficult moves on the fly.

So next time you can't be on your beloved trails, do some urban exploring! 

2013 SWYL Mini-meet #2 Cross Country Meet

SWYL Mini-meet #2 Cross Country Meet Results

Official Team Scores

5.Liberty - Bakersfi...96
1.12Blake Haney15:30.00Stockdale
2.12Brandon Kan15:59.00Frontier
3.11Keane Kelley16:03.00Stockdale
4.11Trevor Martin16:17.00Centennial
5.12Tyus Thompson16:25.00Stockdale
6.12Scott Van Matre16:33.00Bakersfield
7.11Kyle Lemminn16:39.00Frontier
8.10Ulisses Cruz16:46.00Bakersfield
9.11Elijah Menchaca16:50.00Independence
10.11Ramon Ramirez16:52.00Independence

Official Team Scores

2.Liberty - Bakersfi...46
1.12Molly Pruett18:40.00Centennial
2.10Maggie Baker18:59.00Bakersfield
3.11Morganne Hill19:12.00Liberty - Bakersfield
4.9Cagnei Duncan19:20.00Liberty - Bakersfield
5.12Jenessa Reyes19:23.00Frontier
6.11Bailey Klepacki19:45.00Stockdale
7.10Vanessa Cortes19:49.00Stockdale
8.11Kristin Varner19:55.00Centennial
9.10Abby White20:01.00Centennial
10.11Jenny Chumbe20:10.00Independence   

High school notebook: Haney looking to recapture D-1 title -

High school notebook: Haney looking to recapture D-1 title -

BY ZACH EWING Californian staff writer
Stockdale senior Blake Haney, whom several websites rank as the nation's top high school cross country runner, takes aim at his second Central Section title today at Woodward Park....

2013 Kern County Cross Country Championships

Kern County Cross Country Championships Results