Monday, April 30, 2012

Shattering the Stoke Meter: Leona Divide 50 Race Report

Shattering the Stoke Meter: Leona Divide 50 Race Report

Dylan blew by me at my mile 19. In 2011, I was almost to the 20 mile aid station before I crossed paths with the leader of the race. He came up on me so fast that I barely had a chance to get out of the way. I could not even get my iphone out to take a shoot.

It was amazing how fresh he looked at what was mile 40 or so for him. He averaged 7:15 miles the whole way.

History of Bakersfield at the Leona Divide 50 Miler

 Below is a list of those who have run the Leona Divide 50 miler over the years. Nicole ran her first ultra and first Leona and is already number four on the list. If you know of someone I missed, please contact me.

1 lujan,eddie leona 50m 1992 8:46:24 male
2 spensko,mike leona 50m 1993 9:11:02 male
3 dalke,steve leona 50m 2003 9:16:10 male
4 giumarra.,nicole leona 50m 2012 9:18:28 female
5 dalke,steve leona 50m 1999 9:24:12 male
6 spensko,mike leona 50m 1992 9:26:24 male
7 dalke,steve leona 50m 2000 9:31:18 male
8 spensko,mike leona 50m 1996 9:39:55 male
9 moore,matt leona 50m 1999 9:46:22 male
10 moore,matt leona 50m 2001 9:51:18 male
11 sanders,dorsh leona 50m 1993 9:53:07 male
12 moore,matt leona 50m 2000 10:02:09 male
13 sprague,denise leona 50m 2001 10:08:05 female
14 moses,bob leona 50m 1999 10:53:00 male
15 moses,bob leona 50m 2000 10:55:22 male
16 norris,brad leona 50m 2000 10:55:22 male
17 norris,brad leona 50m 2002 11:02:09 male
18 moses,bob leona 50m 2001 11:02:32 male
19 sanders,dorsh leona 50m 1995 11:04:45 male
20 lujan,eddie leona 50m 1996 11:05:00 male
21 lujan,eddie leona 50m 1993 11:06:13 male
22 moses,bob leona 50m 1997 11:10:51 male
23 noise,andy leona 50m 2012 12:37:08 male
24 noise,andy leona 50m 2011 12:46:27 male
25 mathena,gary leona 50m 2011 13:41:45 male

From Bakersfield Ultra Runners.

iRunFar to Sponsor WS100 Training Camp Panel Discussion

iRunFar to Sponsor WS100 Training Camp Panel Discussion

The goal for me this summer is to qualify for the 2013 Western State's Lottery. Since I can not run a sub eleven hour 50 miler, I have to finish the San Diego 100 or the Angeles Crest 100. If I was free over Memorial weekend, I would definitely go to this training camp.

Perhaps Nicole will go since she qualified for the lottery at the Leona Divide 50miler.

Mile 42 at Leona

Vertical Kilometer?

Just read a cool article on iRunFar about the 30 minute kilometer. At first I was thinking, cool a race I would be good at. I have gone that slow at Whitney and the Grand Canyon at times but they are taking about going up fast! I guess no one has broken 30 minute so far for a vertical Kilometer.

This event is popular in Europe and courses vary by length and trail conditions. All that counts is that one climbs a kilometer in the race. Many course are really steep with 1000 meters of climbing in just under 2000 meters in horizontal distance.

This got me to thinking that we could have a fat ass Vertical Kilometer (1 kilometer = 3 280.8399 feet) on the  McGill Trail. Start at 5566 feet and run to the top of Mt Pinos (Elevation     8,847 ft).

I am thinking I might go up to Mt Pinos on Sunday the 13th to scout out a course.


2012 Bucks For Blades

This was a busy weekend for races being that it is Big Sur and Leona Divide weekend. A couple BDPers ran this race on the Mr. Toad's 5k course:

Becky (Photo by LAW)

Womens Results

X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals  

Linette Holliday31:36aBDP-

Robin Fleming33:25aBDP-

Becky Whitehead48:02aBDP-

Bucks for Blades
Bakersfield, CA April 28, 2012
5 Kilometer Race

  • 2012  Complete Results HERE.
  • 2012 Photos by LAW HERE.