Friday, November 1, 2013

The drugs don't work ....

Well I went to the doctor and I was a mess with the venous ulcers from 60 hours of sitting at Javelina. But my blood pressure was the doctor's be concern.

If you saw my legs you would think that is the major problem but it isn't. So now I am on BP meds and feel awful.

Before meds I could walk for hours and now I can hardly get out of bed. If this is normal, I rather be abnormal. Sure I might die of a stroke or heart attack but.

Hopefully we will find a happy medium but I doubt it especially since I had more tests today and I am sure I will have more meds in the future.

So for now I can't run (but can walk) and the sores on my legs are painful but at least the itchy feet have gone away for now. 

Getting old sucks.