Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cover Boy!

At the Montana De Oro Trail run there was an ultra runner taking photos of us all and I made the cover! I guess everyone was pretty beat up from the run but I feel great and I am ready for more.

Monday night I did boot camp and spin with Joe and then did 12 miles with Linette on Tuesday morning. We walked to BC and then did half of the Killa Hilla course and then headed home. Felt really good but my feet were sore from walking.

I think I may need to run some because my feet can not take more than three hours of walking. Once I got home, i was relieved to see that I finally uploaded all the CSUB run photos. I cranked up the file size when I shoot to 5mb but I think this might be too big. So until I get a better internet, I may need to lower the size. Frankly, I can not tell the difference in picture quality. But then again I am not a photographer.

I think of myself as a documentarian (is that a word?). I shoot a race from many different locations to give the viewer a feel for the race. Sometimes I get lucky and get a good shot but really I am just trying to capture the race. Plus I have a lot of fun doing it and have meet a lot of wonderful people doing it.

So all the raw photos from the BTC Fun Run, CSUB Run and the Montana De Oro have been uploaded at SmugMug. Hopefully by the end of the week, I will finish cropping the ones I like and have them uploaded as well. Of course many of the cropped ones are on FaceBook.

After I had a quick meal, I did another Nike Training Club workout with my Chugs. They love being outside in the sun and are so confused watching me workout. Then after some webwork it was time to walk to school and pickup my youngest. By now it was really nice outside and Michael actually took his winter jacket off. It is a running joke at school that he always wears the silly thing.

By the time we got home it was Kindle time and I finished the Hangman's Daughter. It was a pretty good book and I recommend reading it. Then it was time to leave for run camp. Since I left early, I did another Nike workout at the park despite having the leering audience out there. So bizarre that those guys would have any interest in me. But hey whatever floats your boat I guess. Later during my athletes warmup, one of them approached me and hit on me.

I said sorry dude but I am out here coaching not looking for love. Fortunately my runners finished their lap and then we had some Parlauf relay fun. we had three person teams and everyone seemed to have fun and got a speedy workout in. Then it was time to watch the Biggest Loser.

I like the show because it shows what is possible. I started a year ago over 300 and have dropped 50 and planned to go sub 200 or lower some day. The show has showed me the value of cross training and doing mega long workouts. Plus I went to a low carb diet that not only helps me lose weight but also helps with my insulin resistance issues.

But now I must do one of the most important workouts! SLEEP. When elite coaches are asked what the most important thing is for their athletes they often say SLEEP, NUTRITION & HYDRATION.