Friday, March 12, 2010

The Twenty Fourth Wildcat Invitational Track Meet

The Wildcat Invite is one of the few meets that has a steeplechase and rightly so since Billy Nelson graduated from Taft High school.

In 2008, Billy ran for the USA at the Olympics and from my research, he is the only individual athlete from Kern County to compete in a track event.

So head out to this event and perhaps you will see a future Olympian.

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Meet Recap:

In the sprints, Independence's freshman Breanna Andrews duplicated the 100/200 double that she did the night before at the Kern Invite. Her team mate Devin Bowlds won the 100 and Tehachapi's Brennen Davis won the 200.

The girl's 400 was won by Danielle Tildahl of Tehachapi who also came in second in the 800. Her team mate Logan Collier also won the 400 and the 200 winner came in second.

Valley cross country champ Thompson takes the win in a close race.
800 Meters - Varsity A - Finals
1Megan Thompson2:30.30aTFCC12
2Danielle Tildahl2:31.00aTEHA11
3Corina Garcia2:37.40aMCFA11
4Jessica Cruz2:39.10aGARC9
5Alyssa Medina2:40.30aMCFA12
6Katelynn Stirling2:40.60aInde11
7Kathy Torres2:41.20aMCFA10
8Michelle Ritchie2:42.50aKING11
9Jenifer Torralva2:50.20aARVI9
10Valeria Garcia2:55.70aTEHA9

Guzman won both distance races by a wide margin.
1600 Meters - Varsity A - Finals
1Monica Guzman5:37.20aGARC12
2Katelynn Webb5:52.10aInde10
3Jessica Cruz5:56.10aGARC9
4Corina Garcia6:02.90aMCFA11
5Kaitlyn Reitz6:04.90aCARU10
6Valeria Garcia6:14.00aTEHA9
7Jenifer Torralva6:16.00aARVI9
8Amanda Castellon6:27.80aWASC11
9Danielle Leon6:28.20aFarm9
10Edna Gomez6:32.50aInde11

3200 Meters - Varsity A - Finals
1Monica Guzman12:13.50aGARC12
2Britany Perez13:00.30aMCFA9
3Katelynn Webb13:08.30aInde10
4Kaitlyn Reitz13:27.30aCARU10
5Shawntee Whitford14:19.00aCARU12
6Adriana Tijerina14:39.10aFarm11
7Marissa Figueroa14:46.50aFOWL10
8Genisis Villasenor14:54.20aARVI12
9Marlene Navarro14:55.50aFOWL9
10Leslie Almanza15:00.50aWASC11

Thompson had a nice double win today. Rarely is the steeple ran in high school and often athletes like Megan excel in this event in college.
2k Steeplechase - Varsity A - Finals
1Megan Thompson8:23.39aTFCC12
2Michelle Ritchie8:48.93aKING11
3Amanda Castellon9:21.98aWASC11
4Marina Johnson9:28.05aTFCC10
5Genisis Villasenor9:57.27aARVI12
6Leslie Almanza10:06.83aWASC11
7Karen Clemente10:58.55aARVI9

800 Meters - Varsity A - Finals
1Jorge Zuniga2:10.50aWASC10
2Leo Perez2:10.60aMCFA11
3Gustavo Rangel2:12.10aKING12
4Pedro Sanchez2:12.60aMCFA12
5Cameron Gamble2:13.30aTEHA9
6Ricardo Rodriguez2:14.30aMCFA11
7Rolando Jimenez2:17.10aFarm11
8Juan J (2) Calderon2:17.80aARVI12
9Victor Rivera Diaz2:18.10aTEHA9
10Rafael Padilla2:20.20aWASC10

1600 Meters - Varsity A - Finals
1Cesar Patino4:58.80aWASC10
2Dwyane Facho4:59.70aInde11
3Ty Hieter5:01.60aTFCC11
4Steven Huerta5:02.40aCARU10
5Cesar Medina5:05.70aARVI9
6Neftali Santos5:06.40aARVI9
7Rajvir Dhillon5:06.80aFOWL9
8Eddie Ramirez5:07.20aWASC12
9Victor Rivera Diaz5:08.30aTEHA9
10Jwayne Fambrough5:11.20aInde11

These times are obviously wrong but I assume the order is correct.
3200 Meters - Varsity A - Finals
1Francisco Gonzalez13:01.00ARVI11
2Erik Garcia13:02.00MCFA9
3Marco Perez13:03.00MCFA11
4Dwyane Facho13:04.00Inde11
5Kevin Rooney13:05.00TEHA9
6Steven Huerta13:06.00CARU10
7Jeremias Xancale13:07.00TFCC11
8Francisco Nava13:08.00MCFA11
9Raul Carrillo13:09.00ARVI12
10Tlaloc Arreazola13:10.00CARU10

SSL cross country champ Calderon uses his harrier skills to take the win in this unique event.
3k Steeplechase - Varsity A - Finals
1Juan M (1) Calderon10:47.30aARVI12
2Cesar Patino10:55.60aWASC10
3Marco Camargo11:25.10aMCFA12
4Eddie Ramirez11:41.80aWASC12
5Raul Carrillo11:49.80aARVI12
6Art Mendoza12:19.90aWASC10
7Pedro Sanchez12:30.20aMCFA12
9Travis Morrow12:30.70aTFCC11
10Gustavo Rangel12:38.60aKING12

The Twenty Fourth Wildcat Invitational Track Meet has been scheduled for Saturday, March 13th, 2010 with field events starting at 8:30 a.m. and the Running events start at 9:00am Implement certification will begin at 7:30 a.m.

Please note that this will be a non team scoring event. There will not be a Frosh/Soph division but a Varsity A and B division. Please know that our Track seeding system will seed based on times. If no time is entered then your athlete or relay team will be placed in the slow heat. Also if you inflate your time then you athlete relay team will be placed in the fast heat. Please use your best judgement when entering times so that we can have the best athletes competing together.

All there will be no adds or scratches allowed at the meet. Once we have uploaded your entries the only scratches that will be allowed will happen at the time the event is called. If your team or athlete is not checked in then they will be scratched. Thanks you for your help and cooperation.

Taft High Coaching Staff



The format for the meet will remain the same; Varsity level competition for boys and girls featuring a regular order of events with the addition of the steeplechase event for boys and girls. Schools will be limited to athletes per event. There will be Varsity A and B

Order of Events

2010 Taft Invitational

March 13, 2010

This will be a running schedule – please make adjustments to warm up times

W 2000m Steeplechases

M 3000m Steeplechase

W 4 x100m

M 4 x 100m

W 1600m

M 1600m

W 100m Hurdles

M 110m Hurdles

W 400m

M 400m

W 100m

M 100m

W 800M

M 800m

W 300mLH (30in)

M 300mIH (36in)

W 200m

M 200m

W 3200m

M 3200m

W 4 x 300m

M 4 x 300m

Custom Medals will be awarded for the first three places. There will be NO team scores tabulated. The meet will be strictly for individual competition allowing athletes to compete in their favorite events. In the past this format coupled with our all-weather surface has resulted in several outstanding marks.

Invitations are being extended to the following schools: Arvin, Bakersfield Christian, Caruthers, Farmersville, Fowler, Fresno Christian, Garces, Golden Valley, Independence, Kern Valley, Kingsburg, McFarland, Mira Monte, Mojave, Taft, Tehachapi, and Wasco .

We will send out complete information packets and entry forms to all schools planning to participate. Entries need to be submitted to: Attached is an instruction sheet to Athletic. Net. All entries must be in the computer (Make sure athletics are listed) and are due by Wed, March 10th.