Friday, April 20, 2012

Frazier Park on 04.20.12

Finally did the OG Loop from the Post Office, up the fire road behind the school, along the ridge line above Frazier Park and then down the trail that ends at the fire station.

I used my new Balck Diamond Z Ultra Poles that I got from Sole 2 Soul Sports. They are super light and fold up easily when you do not need them.

View from 5280 feet.

Saw my first doe of the day go bouncing down this flower field (A lot steeper than it looks!).

Always think these rock formations look cool.

You still see the wild flowers.

Been a couple years since the fires and it still looks bad.

The backside of the ridge is really nice.

Before I saw this little guy, I saw another doe. Then I saw these tracks.

Thinking coyote but always suspecting mountain lion. I talked to the guy at the pizza joint and says the bears have been coming to town to eat apples from people's yards and knock over the trash cans too. They know when trash day is. He also said that mountain lions have been sighted recently.

 The final climb to 7000 feet was a steep one.

At the local pizza joint.

View on the ride home.