Monday, October 21, 2013


I have been migrating endurance events competitively since I was 15 years old. Back in the spring of 1979, I quit baseball and went out for track and ran the mile. 

From the start endurance sports were easy for me and I never asked why or needed a why to finish an event. At the end of the season I broke 5 minutes for the mile and was hooked for life.

I quickly took up road running and moved up to ten mile races and beyond. Sure there were times in a race that I hurt but I never felt like I could not continue.

Within a year I was running the Bakersfield marathon (February of 1980) and again the WHY never came up. Sure I blew up around mile 20 (how cliche) but it was from a water logged stomach and never thought I couldn't finish.

I just slowed down and was disappointed with my 3:01 finish. That was in 1980 and it took me 30 plus years to confront the WHY.

This past weekend on the 2013 EC 100, I meet WHY head on.

Too be continued