Sunday, November 24, 2013


Or lack of weather. Bakersfield is classified as a desert (less than 10 inches of rain) and so when it does rain, everyone goes bat shit crazy. 

There are tons of car accidents, the streets flood and cars and dogs start mating. They also stop going outside to train.

Just plain silly. This week I hoped to go to the valley cross country meet in Fresno (Well didn't want to go Fresno but that is another story.) but the rain aka drizzle cause so many accidents that my ride couldn't get to Bakersfield on time.

Then Thursday at run camp I had 3 people (out of 30) come to run. It wasn't raining at all before practice. Sure the last half of practice it was pouring (really) and the trail looked like a creek. But the girls had fun.

But at least we had practice unlike a month ago when the Driller AD canceled a cross country meet because it was windy and a few drops of rain landed on him.

Ridgecrest 30k and 50k Race Info

We have received some much needed rain in our desert the last few days.  This means that the trails for the Ultra are going to be great!  I make it a habit to not look at the long-range forecasts since they usually change (and I can’t do anything about it anyway), but in this case, I wanted to check it out...  I think we are going to have a great day for the event.
Thought I would send a quick email since Thanksgiving is this week and then before you know it, it will be the weekend and we’ll be seeing all your happy, smiling faces.
The OTHTC High Desert Ultra (50K) and 30K trail run are a week from SUNDAY.  We are looking forward to again having a great event.  We invite you to check out our website to see all our great sponsors, general information (including directions to race HQ), and all other kinds of information.
Don’t forget, the High School Youth of St. Ann’s are again holding the carbo load dinner on Saturday during race packet pickup at Race Headquarters as a fund-raiser.  Menu is pasta (meat and vegetarian), salad, drink and cookie for only $8.00.
Please remember, we can no longer provide ibuprofen, so if you think you might need any type of pain medication, you will need to carry it with you.
All aid stations will be well stocked with water, electrolyte drinks, cookies, PB&J, Succeed-S caps, fruit, chips, soda, etc.
As further information, the award ceremony for the 30K will be at 12:30 and the award ceremony for the 50K will be at 2:00.  PLEASE try to wait until the designated award ceremony to pick up your award if at all possible.  It helps the Race Staff keep things running smoothly.  We purchased a second timing system so we have two systems gathering the data independent of each other and shouldn't have a repeat of last years' challenges.
Be sure to check in our raffle area after you finish running to see if you won any of the goodies our fine Sponsors have provided.  All participants who start the race are eligible.
Please be safe in your drive to and from our event.  We are looking forward to seeing you!
Terry Mitchell
Race Director/Sponsorship Coordinator
OTHTC High Desert Ultra (50K) & 30K Trail Run