Monday, April 30, 2012

Vertical Kilometer?

Just read a cool article on iRunFar about the 30 minute kilometer. At first I was thinking, cool a race I would be good at. I have gone that slow at Whitney and the Grand Canyon at times but they are taking about going up fast! I guess no one has broken 30 minute so far for a vertical Kilometer.

This event is popular in Europe and courses vary by length and trail conditions. All that counts is that one climbs a kilometer in the race. Many course are really steep with 1000 meters of climbing in just under 2000 meters in horizontal distance.

This got me to thinking that we could have a fat ass Vertical Kilometer (1 kilometer = 3 280.8399 feet) on the  McGill Trail. Start at 5566 feet and run to the top of Mt Pinos (Elevation     8,847 ft).

I am thinking I might go up to Mt Pinos on Sunday the 13th to scout out a course.


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