Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Better Hydration Soultion

Nathan 2.0 Liter Hydration Race Vest
As I often preach to my run campers, try gear out on training runs and not races. So that is what I did last weekend at the Leona Divide training run. For years, I have been using CamelBaks and they have worked but I knew things could be better. 

 With the Nathan, I definitely found better. I have seen athletes wearing these in photos and then saw many wearing them at recent trail Races and so I decided to get one.

Right out of the box, I liked this pack. It is well built and the design just screams functionality. Plus the material they make the vest with is very comfortable. So I adjusted the numerous straps and put the pack on for the first time.
The straps are easy to adjust and make the pack fit like a glove to your back. To me it felt like a part of me instead of something flopping around on my back when I walked or ran. All the Camelbaks I have had did not feel this way. Camelbaks are longer and skinner and tend to bounce around alit even if you adjust all their straps. The Nathan did not. 

 The bladder is 70oz compared to the 100oz of my CamelBaks so it is lighter. Now this might be an issue in really long hikes without water close by but on most training runs or races, you will have plenty to get to the next water source. Filling the bladder is a little more complicated but it is easier to fill quickly compared to the CamelBak system once you master the opening and closing system.

I like filling from the top instead of the side too. With CamelBaks the filling port is on the side of the bag and so filling to the max is a tricky process and seems to always end up with some spillage. The Nathan does not have this problem. Plus as the Nathan gets empty, the fit of the pack on your back does not change as much as it does with the CB.

So the bottomline, is I highly recommend the Nathan. More information can be found HERE. If you use any of my Amazon links, I get a small commission and you get a great product at a great price.

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