Monday, December 26, 2011

The Chief in 1989

This one is from the Pasadena Marathon, 1981 (or so) L to R: Bob Moses, Dorsch Sanders, Eddie Lujan, John Rous, John Chapman
I signed up for the 2012 Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance run and while scouting out information on the race, I found a video of the 1989 race that featured The Chief aka Eddie Lujan in it. You can see him at 3:48 in the video.

When I moved to Bakersfield in the late 70s, Eddie was one of the first adults I meet. He use to give me rides to baseball practice with his son Bobby. Later I found out he was a runner and when I started running he was an inspiration to me and still is.

Below are some photos of other great runners from back in the day.
L to R: Bryant Faddin, John Lopez, Bob Moses, Larry Arnt, John Rous, Paul White, Frank Fish

Bakersfield Marathon 1981 (or so) L to R: George Dewar, George Antoneras, Bob Moses, some random guy in back of them

The original running group across the street from Dennis Burkett's condo in 1982
Back row, L to R: ___, John Chapman, Frank Ciccone, Kevin? Weiss, Bob Edwards, David Freid, Jim Lipford, Dorsch Sanders, Paul White, Jim Cowles, Ron Steinerson, Bill Easton, John Rous

Front row, L to R: Leo Marquez, Bob Small, Mike Vasquez (?), Bill Hinzo, Shelly Weiss, Dennis Burkett, Ted Oliver, Eddie Lujan, Bob Moses

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