Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fan Mail

            Mindy Bumgarner
            Most people who do events like this anyway are out for their own physical fitness. To stay active. It's not even about winning for them. Its not even about winning for me. It's like a tt. You better your own time. Not everyone can win. It's obvious that it's not a grudge you are just petty. Taking pictures of cars parked wrong, complaining about people not walking right, this..you are petty and like to promote yourself in everything you do. Whether you admit it or not. Just because you didn't run the event doesn't mean you didn't promote yourself. I never said that you didn't need to speak out on what you didn't believe is right. Never. You take it how you want and you keep getting uglier and uglier on your comments. So now it's my turn to speak out on things I don't believe in. Petty people are one. People who promote themselves as coaches for healthier living and are not even close to healthy themselves. Yeah you have endurance but you cannot tell me that your diet is healthy. By far! I will continue to disagree and bring attention to your nonsense as long as you want. (Another obvious statement of self promotion on your part.) You want to know why I don't take my son to you to coach because your method can be found online. Its not even the best way to train. It's not hard to do. 2-there's no way I'd let my son take advice from someone in your condition. Yes, you get people active, that's wonderful but honestly you are a sad individual. You gave me terrible advice on nutrition. If you hung out at my kids school I would think you were a creep. 3. You give unhealthy advice. 4. You obviously can speak out about what you disagree with but no one can disagree with you. Ridiculous. I can go on and on but seriously not worth it any longer. Go drink some more coke and eat some more pizza, maybe burgers and fries and see how your heart handles that. Thats not fuel! It's unfortunate. You have major endurance but you are still hugely unhealthy. I don't know why people listen to you.
 Rest of the conversation HERE. (She deleted her comments but I took a screen shot of the whole conversion which can be found HERE.

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