Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Day Yet Another Sweetheart in a Car!

As most of you know, I Hate Cars! Even before I became an ultra walker, I did not like them. I did not even buy a car until I had been living in the Car Capitol Hell of the world Los Angelses for a year. I bought a VW Golf and hated it from the minute I got it and sold it when I came back to Bakersfield to open up my record store. I lived and worked downtown for a number of years without a car.

Over the years, I have avoided driving as much as possible and even my kids walked or took the bus to school. This school year, my 7th grader and I walk to and from school everyday. It is a 3 mile round trip and I do it twice a day and without fail there is a driver or two who choose to ignore the crosswalk laws. Now almost everybody drives through the crosswalk behind us before we are safely across the road but there are always a few who can not even wait to do that.

Today's sweetheart was a lady on her cellphone (against the law btw plus she was smoking with the other hand) and she sees we are coming and the traffic is way to busy at 24th and F but she still inches her car into the crosswalk and sits there hoping to turn right. Of course she is blocking our legal pathway but doe she care? Of course not. But at least I had the pleasure to tell her off and wish her a great Valentine's Day.

Honestly people can we get off the phone and obey traffic laws! I think I should start video taping these people and put them on youtube. But in the end, we made it to school and then the chugs and I headed off through Westchester and got to spend some off leash time in the river bed for awhile. It looks like the water is coming back so we could not cross the river and it was pretty muddy too.

Then we got home and I did a Nike Training Camp workout with my chugs in the backyard. They think it is playtime when I am on my mat doing drills and they make it fun. 18 months ago I started doing boot camp / circuit training and I know it has helped my running. Besides being stronger overall, it has helped me with my agility. This agility helps me with my trail running a lot and has helped keep me injury-free as well.

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